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    TV News and Current Affairs -----------------------------------MCD503
    Department of Mass Communication
    Virtual University of Pakistan SEMESTER FALL 2019
    Graded Assignment
    DUE DATE: 17TH JANUARY, 2020
    Assignment Question
    Mention any three Talk Show/current affairs programs that you watch frequently on Television and explain the below given points on the basis of your analysis of watched programs;
    � Typeofissuescovered
    � Focusonpoliticalissuesandrivalries � RelevantguestsaspertopicorNot
    Note: You may restrict your discussion on the programs broadcasted in last one month.
    Formatting guidelines
    • Use the font style “Times New Roman” and font size “12”.
    • Compose your document in MS-Word format. Any file created in any other version will not be accepted and marked zero.
    • Use black and blue font colors only.

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