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    Assignment No. 03

    Semester: Fall 2019
    Cyber Law – CS204
    Total Marks: 15

    Due Date:27/01/2020

    The objective of this assignment is to enhance the learning capabilities of the student about:
    • The Intellectual Property Rights
    • Investigation and Prosecution Agencies.
    • Power of Officers

    Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting the assignment:
     You will submit your assignment before or on due date on VU-LMS.
     Assignment sent via Email will not be accepted/graded in any case.
     If the submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt, it will not be graded.
     Assignment should be completed by your own efforts it should not be copied from internet, handouts or books.
     You will submit solution only in the Microsoft Word File.
     Assignment is covered from lectures 09 to 12.
    For any query about the assignment, contact at [email protected]

    Assignment Questions

    Questions: Marks 15

    Question. 1 (05 Marks)

    E-Series is an online music streaming website which has launched several music albums under its banner name and have all the copyrights reserved for its content.
    This company has published its music on online streaming website but from there other creators have illegally copied and molded the content of E-series and also uploaded with their own name.
    E-series took the notice and the case is now sent to National Response Centre For Cyber Crimes for further investigation.

    After reading the above scenario answer the following Question:

    Which personnel shall have the authority to obtain and copy the data, use equipment to make copies and obtain an intelligible output from the information system of online streaming website? And Under which Cybercrime Act this authority is delegated to the said personnel.

    Question. 2 (10 Marks)

    Identify the most suitable Intellectual Property Right for each of the following case:

    1. A cricketer creates his own company to sell his own collection of clothes. What kind of intellectual property can he use to show that his company is making the clothes?

    2. Which sort of intellectual property gives you the right to determine who can make and sell copies of your work if you write an original story?

    3. If a corporation develops a new idea that boosts its main product, what kind of intellectual property will it use to prohibit others from stealing its invention?

    4. Which term describes a logo or sign that identifies a brand?

    5. Which intellectual property protection applies for :Getz pharmaceutical

    Best of Luck

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    This is the assignment #3 of cs204. Please give me the solution asap. Thanks

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  • Assalamu Alaikum, do you have cs204 solve assignment no 3 fall 2019 ?

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