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    Your mid-term exam for this course will start on July 01, 2020 and will end on July 02, 2020.

    Please read the following instructions carefully that would assist you to

    effectively attempt the midterm exam:

    Midterm exam will be in the form of Quiz titled as ‘’Grand Quiz’’. This grand quiz would be equivalent to 20% of overall course weightage. It would include 30 MCQs based on lecture no. 1 to 22. Each MCQ will have 4 options and you need to choose the most appropriate one. Allowed time for each MCQ is 90 seconds. You need to respond within this time period, otherwise it will become inactive. Each question can be attempted only once (attempt it carefully since no retake option is available) Please note that grand quiz MCQs may involve some calculations, therefore, it is advised to keep this point in mind while making your preparations.

    Stay safe and prepare well for your exams