@zareen Dharma (CrySiS) can leave files (ransom notes) with names like README.txt, README.jpg, howdy my vichtim.txt, Your personal information square measure encrypted!.txt, FILES ENCRYPTED.txt, Files encrypted!!.txt, info.hta. Unfortunately, Dharma (CrySiS) Ransomware with the .harma extension, like alternative variants, isn’t decryptable while not paying the ransom Associate in Nursingd getting the personal keys from the criminals UN agency created the ransomware unless they’re leaked or confiscated by authorities once creating an arrest. while not the master personal RSA key that may be wont to rewrite your files, decoding is not possible. that sometimes suggests that the secret is distinctive per victim and generated during a secure approach that can’t be brute-forced. If possible, your best choice is to revive from backups, strive file recovery software system or backup/save your encrypted information as is and expect a potential resolution at a later time. Ignore all Google searches which offer links to imitative and untrustworthy removal/decryption guides. once our specialists tweet a couple of new variant, junk articles square measure quickly written so as to push removal software system. There is Associate in Nursing current discussion during this topic wherever victims will post comments, raise queries and look for more help. alternative victims are directed there to share data, experiences and suggestions. Dharma ransomware (filename.[].wallet/.cesar/.arena) Support Topic Rather than have everybody with individual topics, it’d be best (and additional manageable for staff) if you denote to any extent further queries, comments or requests for help within the higher than support topic discussion…it includes experiences by specialists, a range of IT consultants, finish users and company reps UN agency are littered with ransomware infections. To avoid excess confusion, this subject is closed.