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Jazz and Telenor closed in the country ...? The federal government heard its final decision

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    LAHORE (Cyberian News) - It has been reported that last two news telecommunications firms of Pakistan were closing Telenor and Jezes because their licenses are expiring, but the federal cabinet now has $ 492 million of the licenses of both companies. Revenue has been approved. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Supporting Special Information for Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the federal cabinet approved renewal of $ 492 million license for Jes Otto Nile. The 16-point agenda was discussed in the meeting of federal cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad on Tuesday. According to the federal cabinet, the Cabinet has approved the FBR appointment as chairman. After cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s assistant specialist, Firdous Asshar Awan, told the press conference that the Federal Cabinet decided the decisions of the Economic Contact Committee He also said that the cabinet had the budget of ministers Illinois has also entertainment and gift budget with a water budget and ministers will have to pay from his own pocket expenses of tea water. He said that the impression of giving the country’s madrassas under the Ministry of Education is incorrect, he explained that more than 30 thousand madrassas were not subjected to the Ministry of Education but these madrasas were linked to formal education. Imran Khan’s special specialist Information for the establishment of Pak Chennai Engineering University has been approved in the Prime Minister’s House, while the cabinet has also approved agricultural agreements with Azerbaijan. He said that 7 billion rupees have been saved by reducing the price of pneumonia and the prices which have increased in the prices of medicines have been recovered from the amount of drug addiction companies. Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the Federal Cabinet, Licensed $ 492 million has also renewed renewal. The news is that the news was last days that two major telecommunications companies in Pakistan were closing telecommunications and jazz because their licenses are expiring, but the federal cabinet now has 492 million licensed licenses The dollar has been approved for renewal. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s assistant specialist, Firdous Asshiq Awan said that the federal cabinet has renewed the renewal of $ 492 million for the license of Jazz Orlando. In Islamabad on Tuesday the 16-point agenda was considered at the meeting of Prime Minister Imran Khan, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, and according to the sources, the federal cabinet approved the appointment of Shaberzadi as chairman #FBR. Remember that the closure of #Jazz and #Telenor The topic was discussed today.

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