Do transit with debit and credit card? So read this news first and then do not say it

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    Islamabad (cyberian desk) As per concerns about the spread of credit and debit card data in banking circles, almost 10 banks blocked all international transactions on their cards. Sources said that the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) ) Was informed by various commercial banks that after cyber attacks on their users’ accounts
    In view of security measures, they have stopped international payments on debit and credit card. According to the Digital Security Website, Kibbinson, data about 8,000 account holders of about 10 Pakistani banks has been sold in hackers’ market. State Bank spokeswoman Abid Qamar told Dawn that account data stolen reports can not be verified at this time and this report is correct as long as the alleged alleged data is not used to steal accounts. We can not say that. We have confirmed that some banks have a security move On the other hand, international payments have been stopped on their cards and the State Bank has been informed about this. On the other hand, a large Pakistani bank sent messages to its customers that on November 3, ‘Technical Institutes’ The line banking service has been temporarily suspended. On October 27, cyber attack was reported by Bank Islamic for the first time, and the bank said that international payment cards

    After stealing Rs 26 lakhs after he was stolen, he has stopped such transactions and can pay mutually validated payment on ATM cards in Pakistan. On the next cyber attack on this cyber attack, the State Bank directed all the banks to Ensure security measures on card operation information technology systems, in addition to future
    Update it regularly to cope with Challenges. Atat Bank had directed banks to ensure card-card operation systems and real-time monitoring of transactions and with integrated payments, switch operators and media service providers. Make sure to make a quick contact. On this matter, a travel agent of Karachi, Abid Baloch, said, "This is a serious problem for consumers who are abroad, how they will pay bills and they How to make payments that they have already acquired. They say banks have their card Other options regarding the aggravations should be used because ‘if I am with the bankruptcy card of the Pakistani bank in Europe or the US, and if all payment is canceled, it may be very dangerous for me.’ Ali said that they never believe in a debit card because they have another option if one card block or lost, they also use cash.

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