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    Mobile Application

    In Pakistan, there is no denying the importance of a house maid for every household out there. While all of us are leading busy lives in the modern era, doing all household chores like cleaning, dusting, cooking, cleaning, and so more become a challenging task. It is an overwhelming thought to manage both professional works as well as household chores daily. When you are stuck in such a condition, it is high time that you can look forward to hiring domestic house maid services. The preferable time slots of this company are 9:00 a.m-5:00 p.m. However, company also handle special requests. Trusted, responsible and reliable people are difficult to find when it comes for maids, caretakers, cooks, gardeners etc. Home Services is a smart phone app which helps people to find trusted helpers in their locality. We do document verification of each employee and have database of over 1000 helpers. We deal in different categories of helpers like:
    A. Home Services
    a) Maid
     Cleaning
     Laundry
     Utensil Washing
    b) Cook
    c) Gardner
    B. Care Takers
    a) Babysitters/Governance
    b) Patient Caretaker
    C. Problem Solvers
    a) Plumber
    b) Electrician
    Functional Requirements
    Abstract level requirements of App are given below. Student will provide detailed requirements in SRS document. More requirements should also be added according to the need of the scenario.

    1. Following Tabs Following tabs must be included in Application.
      a. Home
      b. Services
      c. Our Charges
      d. Book A Helper
      e. Job
      f. Register
    2. “Home” tab contains the introduction of your application and what you are offering and how you can help people. Home is the default tab of the application.
    3. “Services” tab contains the list of services you are offering (List is already given in Abstract). When user click on any service, a new page opens which contains the introduction of the services. Introduction must be appealing and elaborates the working of helper in detail.
    4. Working hours vary for Home Services and Care takers. It can be 8 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours.
    5. “Our Charges” tab displays the rates of the helpers according to the working hours. Along with fixed rate, you should also mention:
      a. Prices are charged based on 30-minute increments
      b. Housekeeping materials are to be provided by the client
      c. After hours surcharge applies on services before 9am and after 6pm
    6. This tab should also contain the per hour rates of electrician/plumber/carpenter.
    7. There are two types of users, Client and Helper, of this application. Both Client and Helper need to be registered before availing any type of service. When a user clicks on “Register” tab, ask him/her to select whether wants to be registered as helper or client.
    8. To verify the helper/client, along with personal information ask to upload scan copy of CNIC and ask for property documents/agreement in case of renter.
    9. Ask all required information from Client/Helper. Some required field must be included.
    10. “Job” tab is for new/registered helper. When a helper applies for a job, he/she must be register if not already registered. This tab should contain a Sign In and Sign Up options for Helpers. If user click on Sign Up button, the Register page should open. If user Sign Up using this option, he/she should automatically direct to Sign In page.
    11. After signing in, a form should appear asking for tasks helper can perform and preferable Time Slots. He/she can add multiple tasks and time slots.
    12. Client can book a helper using “Book A Helper” tab. This tab should contain a Sign In and Sign Up options for Client. If user click on Sign Up button, the Register page should open. If user Sign Up using this option, he/she should automatically direct to sign in page.
    13. After Sign In, a form should display asking for which type of services demanded and time slots. Also ask for any special requirements and preferred gender of the helper.
    14. Need to build a suitable database for above scenario.
    15. When a client puts a request, admin allocate a suitable helper according the requirements of the client and share the contact details of the helper. All this information is shared on application. This information should be added to the client requests page at client-side application.
    16. Client receive an email that resource(helper) is allocated. Client check the details from the application.
    17. Admin grant the resource from admin dashboard.
    18. You must create admin dashboard which will be connected to the same database.
    19. Admin has full rights on database.
    20. Admin can add/delete/update records of clients and helpers.

    Android studio
    Emulator (To run android application on PC)
    SQL lite or any other modern database

    Name: Amna Bibi
    Skype id: aamna.bibi26

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