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    I have read a lot about the different techniques to understand the power of subconscious mind. It is evident what we feed to our mind, it is displayed in accordance to our intentional efforts in the form of our attitude and behavior. Subconscious mind, according to Sigmund Freud, a psycho dynamic theorist, plays its role between Id and superego. Ego works at conscious and precociousness level to keep the balance between other two elements of personality.
    It was about 10am when I was going from Pind Dadan Khan to Mandi Bahawal Din by a Toyota Hiace to buy a PC for studies. When I caught the sight of that vehicle before sitting inside, I thought not to go by this vehicle because it came to my mind (subconsciously) that it was not suitable for me. So, I first sat on the front seat for about 5 minutes and then left it to go. Due to the less number of passengers, the driver had to wait. He requested me to have a front seat. I ignored but due to his constant requests, I again sat on the front seat. Soon after sitting there for 2 minutes, a thought came in mind that the vehicle was going to be damaged in an accident and it would take my life. This thought made me sad and I again left the vehicle. I stood by the side of the road to wait for the other vehicles.
    It was Lad Ada in Pindi Said Pur, Pind Dadan Khan. My elder brother Tahir Mahmood was also with me. He insisted to go by the same vehicle as he didn’t want to wait for long. Finally, we took the front seats and I recited the prayer and the vehicle started to move. When we reached at Misri Mor (a place near Jalal Pur Shareef), to our surprise, our vehicle became out of the driver’s control due to fast speed and break had failed. It suddenly collided with a cement truck. A sack of cement fell on me from the top of the loaded truck and I became unconscious in the vehicle. A broken glass piece damaged my trachea and facial bones fractured. We were rescued by 1122 and reached to a civil hospital at Mandi Bahawal Din (as information received after recovery from ventilator).
    I was shifted to CMH Rawalpindi where army doctors placed me on a ventilator. I became a little conscious after 4 days on ventilator. I saw my whole family standing by my side and crying. At that time I was a 7th semester student of BS Psychology in Virtual University of Pakistan. After my senses were recovered, I thought to freeze my semester and resume my studies after getting well. I smiled at my family showing that I was feeling OK. They all started to smile with tears in their eyes. After this, about 3 months (from October 2017 to December 2017), I was on the support of a mechanical ventilator.
    People who were observing me thought that I was sleeping for 24 hours, but in reality, I had a lot of thoughts with closed eyes. Those thoughts were related to my study and career. I was looking and having mental imagination of fully a recovered person who would soon be going to start his education where he had left. This thinking process continued in my mind. Allah was making me better and better by every passing day.
    After three months I became able to walk and talk a little. It was a wonderful situation when people thought I was sleeping but I was feeling improvement and had no worries of having tracheotomy tube in my trachea or the pain of my condition… It was the power of my subconscious mind that was working great and made me able to feel healthy and no worries or fears of accident.
    I unfroze my studies and resumed my studies from the 7th semester where I had left. I was really thankful to Allah Almighty who created the universe and to all the people who prayed a lot for me.
    I am happy and proud to be a student of Virtual University of Pakistan whose instructor taught me psychological concepts that helped me to understand my inner self. These concepts helped me to not only understand my own mental health but also to take care of all other people around me and get them out from their stresses due to which they were depressed, anxious, or suffering from severe mental illnesses.
    At last, I would like to share my message to all the VU students that you must use your subconscious mind power in studies and try to foresee the suitable time frame for you. Read, write, recognize, recall, memorize and listen to the VU lectures attentively and then work on those concepts to understand them subconsciously before going to sleep. It will give you better study experience and you will see its effect on your exams and results.

    Arsal Mehmood Naz:, (BS Psychology, 8th Semester)

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