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    A Warm Welcome to the Trainees of BATCH-04 in “WordPress”

    On behalf of Training Program, we warmly welcome you all who have enrolled in the WordPress course.

    We are confident that you will enjoy learning new concepts in this course and find them useful in implementing, the knowledge acquired, in your practical life.

    To gain maximum benefit from the course we recommend that you give full attention to the following:

    Watch all videos through Learning Management System (LMS) only
    Read relevant study material
    Consult the recommended books
    This will help you to fulfill the objectives of this course. We are always here to help you in this regard.

    Please watch the orientation video about “How to use Learning Management System (LMS)” by going to

    In this course, your knowledge will be assessed through:

    Hands-on Exercises
    The material provided in the course (Videos, Exercises and Quizzes) will help you to face the challenges in your practical life ahead. You can only get benefit if you attempt these on your own.

    Be proactive and diligent. We are always here to guide and help you for your better future.

    How to Contact Us:

    · Post your topic relevant queries on the Discussion Board of each topic using the Learning Management System (LMS).

    · You can also send general course relevant queries using Online Support facility on LMS.

    · You can also call us at 0311-111-3444

    For your information, the content and videos of the course will be made available through LMS on the respective Mondays of each week by 11:00 AM.

    We wish you ALL THE BEST… Happy Learning!

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    Dear Trainee,

    According to course completion criteria, you will need to secure 50% score to become eligible for E-Certificate.

    Each component (Video, Quiz and Hands-on Exercise) carries a certain percentage of the total score of 100 as given below:

    Watching Topic Videos through LMS = 60%

    Quizzes = 25%

    Hands-on Exercises = 15%

    We are confident that you will try your best to secure a good score to become eligible for E-Certificate.

    Happy Learning!

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