• Cyberian's Gold

    601 insinuate suggest unpleasantly make a way for something gently
    602 insipid without taste or flavor
    603 insouciant unconcerned carefree
    604 insularity narrow-mindedness isolated
    605 insurrection rising of people to open resistance to
    606 interdict prohibit forbid
    607 interim as an installment
    608 intersperse place here and there
    609 intransigence unwillingness to compromise stubbornness intractability
    610 intransigent uncompromising
    611 intrepid fearless brave undaunted
    612 introspection examining one’s own thoughts and feelings
    613 inundate flood cover by overflowing
    614 inured accustomed to adapted
    615 invective abusive language curses
    616 inveigh to attack verbally denounce deprecate
    617 inveterate deep-rooted. long-established
    618 invincible too strong to be defeated
    619 involute complex
    620 irascible irritable easily angered
    621 irate angry
    622 ire anger
    623 irksome tiresome
    624 irresolute hesitating undecided
    625 irrevocable final and unalterable
    626 itinerate to travel from place to place to peregrinate
    627 jabber talk excitedly utter rapidly
    628 jagged notched, rough
    629 jibe gibe make fun of
    630 jocular meant as a joke
    631 judicious sound in judgment wise
    632 knit draw together unite firmly
    633 labyrinthine to entangle the state of affairs
    634 lachrymose causing tears tearful
    635 lackluster (of eyes) dull
    636 lament show feel great sorrow
    637 lassitude weariness tiredness
    638 latent present but not yet active developed or visible
    639 laudatory expressing or giving praise
    640 lavish giving or producing freely liberally or generously
    641 legacy something handed down from ancestors
    642 levee formal reception/embankment
    643 levity lack of seriousness
    644 libel statement that damages reputation
    645 liberality free giving generosity
    646 libertine immoral person
    647 lien legal claim until a debt on it is repaid
    648 limn paint portray
    649 limp lacking strength walking unevenly
    650 lionize treat as a famous person
    651 lithe bending twisting
    652 loll rest to sit or stand in a lazy way hang (dog’s tongue)
    653 lope move along with long strides
    654 loquacious talkative garrulous
    655 lucubrate write in scholarly fashion
    656 luculent easily understood lucid clear
    657 lugubrious mournful excessively sad
    658 lull become quiet or less active
    659 lumber move in a clumsy/noisy way
    660 luminary star light-giving body
    661 lurk be out of view ready to attack
    662 lustrous being bright polished
    663 macabre gruesome suggesting death
    664 macerate make or become soft by soaking in water
    665 machination plot scheme (esp. evil)
    666 maladroit tactless clumsy
    667 malapropism misuse of a word (for one that resembles it)
    668 malevolence wishing to do evil
    669 malign injurious speak ill of smb tell lie
    670 malinger to fake illness or injury in order to shirk a duty
    671 malleable yielding easily shaped moldable adapting
    672 manacle chains for the hands or feet
    673 massacre cruel killing of a large number of people
    674 matriculation be admitted enter a university as a student
    675 maudlin sentimental in a silly or tearful way
    676 maul hurt by rough handling
    677 maverick rebel nonconformist
    678 mellifluous sweetly flowing
    679 mendacity dishonesty
    680 mendicant a beggar
    681 mercurial quick changeable in character fleeting
    682 meretricious attractive on the surface but of little value
    683 mesmerize hypnotize
    684 meticulous giving great attention to details
    685 mettle quality of endurance or courage
    686 mettlesome courageous high-spirited
    687 middling fairly good but not very good
    688 minatory menacing threatening
    689 mince pronounce or speak affectedly euphemize
    690 misanthrope person who hates mankind
    691 mischievous harmful causing mischief
    692 miser person who loves wealth and spends little
    693 misogynist one who hates women/females
    694 mite Avery small amount, portion, or particle
    695 moderation quality of being limited not extreme
    696 mollify make calmer or quieter
    697 molt moult lose hair feathers before new growing
    698 morbid diseased unhealthy (e.g… about ideas)
    699 morose ill-tempered unsocial
    700 muffler cloth worn round the neck/silencer
    701 multifarious varied motley greatly diversified
    702 mundane worldly as opposed to spiritual commonplace everyday
    703 myriad very great number
    704 nadir lowest weakest point
    705 nascent coming into existence emerging
    706 nebulous cloud-like hazy vague indistinct
    707 negligent taking too little care
    708 neophyte person who has been converted to a belief
    709 nexus a connection tie or link
    710 nibble show some inclination to accept (an offer)
    711 noisome offensive disgusting (smell)
    712 nonchalant not having interest
    713 nonplused greatly surprised
    714 nostrum a quack remedy an untested cure
    715 noxious harmful
    716 nugatory trifling/worthless
    717 obdurate hardened and unrepenting stubborn inflexible
    718 obfuscate to darken make obscure muddle
    719 oblivious unaware having no memory
    720 obloquy abusively detractive language sharp criticism vituperation
    721 obsequious too eager to obey or serve
    722 obstreperous noisy loud
    723 obtain to be established accepted or customary
    724 obtrusive projecting prominent undesirably noticeable
    725 obtuse blunt/stupid
    726 obviate to make unnecessary get rid of
    727 occluded blocked up
    728 odious repulsive hateful
    729 odium contempt dislike aversion
    730 odor smell favor reputation
    731 officious too eager or ready to help offer advice
    732 ominous threatening
    733 onerous needing effort burdensome
    734 opaqueness dullness/not allowing light to pass through
    735 opprobrious showing scorn or reproach
    736 ossify to turn to bone to settle rigidly into an idea
    737 ostensible seeming appearing as such professed
    738 ostentation display to obtain admiration or envy
    739 ostracism shut out from society refuse to meet talk
    740 overhaul examine thoroughly to learn about the condition
    741 overweening presumptuously arrogant overbearing immoderate being a jerk
    742 paean song of praise or triumph
    743 palate roof of the mouth sense of taste
    744 palatial magnificent
    745 palliate lessen the severity of
    746 palpability can be felt touched understood
    747 palpitate tremble beat rapidly and irregularly
    748 panegyric formal praise eulogy
    749 paradigm a model example or pattern
    750 parenthesis sentence within another one something separated
    751 pariah an outcast a rejected and despised person
    752 parley negotiation, discussion between enemies
    753 parsimonious too economical miserly
    754 partisan one-sided committed to a party biased or prejudiced
    755 patron regular customer person who gives support
    756 paucity scarcity a lacking of
    757 peccadillo small sin small weakness in one’s character
    758 pedantic bookish showing off learning
    759 pedestrian commonplace trite unremarkable
    760 pellucid transparent easy to understand
    761 penchant strong inclination a liking
    762 penitent feeling or showing regret
    763 penurious poor/stingy
    764 penury extreme poverty
    765 peregrination traveling about wandering
    766 peremptory urgent imperative unchallengeable ending debate
    767 perfidious treacherous faithless
    768 perfidy treachery breaking of faith
    769 perfunctory done as a duty without care
    770 perilous dangerous
    771 peripatetic wandering
    772 perish be destroyed decay
    773 perjury willful FALSE statement unlawful act
    774 permeate spread into every part of
    775 pernicious harmful injurious
    776 perpetrate be guilty commit (a crime)
    777 personable pleasing in appearance attractive
    778 perspicacity quick judging and understanding
    779 pertain belong as a part have reference
    780 pest destructive thing or a person who is nuisance
    781 petrified taken away power (to think feel act)
    782 petrify to make hard rocklike
    783 petrous like a rock hard stony
    784 petulant unreasonably impatient
    785 philistine a smug ignorant person one who lacks knowledge
    786 phlegmatic calm sluggish temperament unemotional
    787 picaresque involving clever rogues or adventurers
    788 pied of mixed colors
    789 pinch be too tight take between the thumb and finger
    790 pine waste away through sorrow or illness
    791 pious dutiful to parents devoted to religion
    792 piquant agreeably pungent stimulating
    793 pique hurt the pride or self-respect stir (curiosity)
    794 pitfall covered hole as a trap unsuspected danger
    795 pith essential part force soft liquid substance
    796 pivotal of great importance (others depend on it)
    797 placate soothe pacify calm
    798 plaintive mournful melancholy sorrowful
    799 plaque flat metal on a wall as a memorial
    800 platitude a trite or banal statement unoriginality
    801 plea request
    802 plead address a court of law as an advocate
    803 plethora glut
    804 pliant pliable easily bent shaped or twisted
    805 plod continue doing something without resting
    806 pluck pull the feathers off pick (e.g… flowers)
    807 plumb get to the root of
    808 plummet fall plunge steeply
    809 plunge move quickly suddenly and with force
    810 poignant deeply moving keen
    811 poncho large piece of cloth
    812 ponderous heavy bulky dull
    813 portent omen marvelous threatening
    814 precarious uncertain risky dangerous
    815 precepts rules establishing standards of conduct
    816 preclude prevent make impossible
    817 precursory preliminary anticipating
    818 predilection special liking mental preference
    819 predominate have more power than others
    820 preen tidy/show self-satisfaction
    821 premature doing or happening something before the right time
    822 preponderance greatness in number strength weight
    823 presage warning sign
    824 presumption arrogance
    825 preternatural not normal or usual
    826 prevalent common
    827 prevaricate to equivocate to stray from the truth
    828 prim neat formal
    829 pristine primitive unspoiled pure as in earlier times unadulterated
    830 probity uprightness incorruptibility principle
    831 proclivity inclination
    832 procrastination keeping on putting off
    833 prodigal wasteful reckless with money
    834 prodigious enormous wonderful
    835 profane worldly having contempt for God
    836 profligacy shameless immorality
    837 profligate wasteful prodigal licentious extravagant
    838 profundity depth
    839 profuse abundant/lavish
    840 proliferate grow reproduce by rapid multification
    841 prolix tiring because too long
    842 prone prostrate inclined to (undesirable things)
    843 propagation increasing the number spreading extending
    844 propinquity nearness in time or place affinity of nature
    845 propitiatory conciliatory appeasing mitigating
    846 propitious auspicious presenting favorable circumstances
    847 prosaic everyday mundane commonplace trite pedestrian
    848 proscribe denounce as dangerous
    849 protracted prolonged
    850 provident frugal looking to the future
    851 provisional of the present time only
    852 provoke make angry vax
    853 prudence careful forethought
    854 prudish easily shocked excessively modest
    855 prune dried plum silly person
    856 pry get something inquire too curiously
    857 pucker wrinkle
    858 pugnacious fond of in the habit of fighting
    859 puissance strength
    860 punctilious precise paying attention to trivialities
    861 pundit pedant authority on a subject
    862 pungency sharpness stinging quality
    863 purvey provide supply
    864 pusillanimous cowardly craven
    865 putrefaction becoming rotten
    866 pyre large pile of wood for burning
    867 quack person dishonestly claiming to something
    868 quaff drink deeply
    869 quail lose courage turn frightened
    870 qualm feeling of doubt temporary feeling of sickness
    871 quandary state of doubt or perplexity
    872 quell suppress subdue
    873 quibble try to avoid by sophistication
    874 quiescence state of being passive/motionless
    875 quiescent at rest dormant torpid
    876 quirk habit or action peculiar to smb or something
    877 quixotic generous unselfish
    878 quotidian banal everyday
    879 rabble mob crowd the lower classes of populace
    880 raconteur person who tells anecdotes
    881 raffish low vulgar base tawdry
    882 ramify to be divided or subdivided to branch out
    883 rancorous feeling bitterness spitefulness
    884 rant use extravagant language
    885 rapacious greedy (esp for money)
    886 rarefy to make thin to make less dense to purify or refine
    887 rave act with excessive enthusiasm
    888 reactionary opposing progress
    889 rebuff snub
    890 recalcitrant disobedient
    891 recant take back as being FALSE give up
    892 recast cast or fashion anew
    893 recidivism relapse into antisocial or criminal behavior
    894 reciprocity granting of privileges in return for similar
    895 recitals a number of performance of music
    896 recluse person who lives alone and avoids people
    897 recompense make payment to reward punish
    898 reconcile settle a quarrel restore peace
    899 recondite little known abstruse
    900 recreancy cowardice a cowardly giving up
    901 recuperate become strong after illness loss exhaustion
    902 redeem get back by payment compensate
    903 redoubtable formidable causing fear
    904 refine make or become pure cultural
    905 refractory stubborn unmanageable untractable
    906 refulgent shining brilliant
    907 regale to delight or entertain to feast
    908 regicide crime of killing a king
    909 reiterate say or do again several times
    910 rejuvenation becoming young in nature or appearance
    911 relapse fall back again
    912 reminiscent viewing the past
    913 remonstrate to protest object
    914 render deliver provide represent
    915 renovate restore something to better condition
    916 renowned celebrated famous
    917 repast meal
    918 repel refuse to accept/cause dislike
    919 repine at be discontented with
    920 reproach scold upbraid
    921 reprobate person hardened in sin one devoid of decency
    922 repudiate disown refuse to accept or pay
    923 repulsive causing a feeling of disgust
    924 requite repay give in return
    925 rescind repeal/annul/cancel
    926 resigned unresisting submissive
    927 resilience quality of quickly recovering the original shape
    928 resort to frequently visit
    929 restive refusing to move reluctant to be controlled
    930 resuscitation coming back to consciousness
    931 retard check hinder
    932 reticent reserved untalkative silent taciturn
    933 retrospective Looking back on past
    934 revere have deep respect for
    935 reverent feeling or showing deep respect
    936 riddle puzzling person or thing
    937 rift split crack dissension
    938 rivet fix take up secure metal pin
    939 roll call calling of names
    940 rotund rich and deep plump and round
    941 ruffian violent cruel man
    942 rumple make rough
    943 sagacious having sound judgment perceptive wise like a sage
    944 salacious obscene
    945 salubrious healthful
    946 salutary remedial wholesome causing improvement
    947 sanctimony self-righteousness hypocritical with FALSE piety
    948 sanction approval (by authority) penalty
    949 sanguine cheerful confident optimistic
    950 sanity health of mind soundness of judgment
    951 sash long strip worn round the waist
    952 satiate satisfy fully
    953 saturnine gloomy dark sullen morose
    954 savant person of great learning
    955 savor taste flavor something
    956 sawdust tiny bits of wood
    957 scabbard sheath for the blade
    958 scent smell (especially pleasant)
    959 scorch become discolored/dry up/go at high speed
    960 scribble write hastily
    961 scurvy mean contemptible
    962 secular material (not spiritual) living outside monasteries
    963 sedulous persevering
    964 seminal like a seed constituting a source originative
    965 sententious short and pithy full of maxims/proverbs
    966 sequence succession connected line of
    967 sere make hard and without feeling
    968 sermon reproving a person for his faults
    969 serrated having a toothed edge
    970 serration having a toothed edge
    971 servile like a slave lacking independence
    972 sever break off
    973 severance severing
    974 shallow little depth not earnest
    975 shard piece of broken earthenware
    976 sheath cover for the blade of a weapon or a tool
    977 shrewd astute showing sound judgement
    978 shrill sharp piercing
    979 shun keep away from avoid
    980 shunt send from one track to another lay aside evade discussion
    981 sidestep step to one side
    982 simper (give a) silly/self-conscious smile
    983 sinuous winding undulating serpentine
    984 skiff small boat
    985 skit short piece of humorous writing
    986 slack sluggish dull not tight
    987 slake to assuage to satisfy allay
    988 slate king of blue-grey stone propose criticize
    989 sluggard lazy slow-moving person
    990 slur join sounds/words (indistinct)
    991 smolder burn slowly without flame
    992 snare trap
    993 snub treat with contempt
    994 soar rise fly high
    995 sober self-controlled
    996 sobriety quality or condition of being sober
    997 sodden soaked saturated
    998 soggy heavy with water
    999 solvent of the power of forming a solution
    1000 somatic of the body
    1001 soot black powder in smoke
    1002 sophisticated complex subtle refined
    1003 sophistry fallacious reasoning faulty logic
    1004 sophomoric self-assured though immature affected bombastic overblown
    1005 soporific producing sleep
    1006 sordid wretched comfortless contemptible
    1007 spear weapon with a metal point on a long shaft
    1008 specious illogical of questionable truth or merit
    1009 splenetic bad-tempered irritable
    1010 splice join (two ends)
    1011 sponge porous rubber for washing live at once expense
    1012 spurious FALSE counterfeit
    1013 spurn have nothing to do reject or refuse
    1014 squalid foul filthy
    1015 squander spend wastefully
    1016 squat crouch/settle without permission
    1017 stanch to stop the flow of a fluid
    1018 steeply rising or falling sharply
    1019 stentorian extremely loud and powerful
    1020 stickler person who insists on importance of something
    1021 stigma mark of shame or disgrace
    1022 stigmatize describe smb scornfully
    1023 sting something sharp
    1024 stingy spending using unwillingly
    1025 stint to be thrifty to set limits
    1026 stipple paint with dots
    1027 stipulate state or put forward as a necessary condition
    1028 stolid showing no emotion impassive
    1029 stray wander lose one’s way
    1030 streak long thin move very fast
    1031 striated striped grooved or banded
    1032 stride walk with long steps
    1033 strut a supporting bar
    1034 stygian hence dark gloomy
    1035 stymie to hinder obstruct or block
    1036 subdue overcome bring under control
    1037 sublime extreme astounding
    1038 submerge put under water liquid sink out of sight
    1039 suborn induce by bribery or something to commit perjury
    1040 subpoena written order requiring a person to appear in a low court
    1041 substantiation giving facts to support (statement)
    1042 subsume include under a rule
    1043 succor assistance relief in time of distress
    1044 suffice be enough
    1045 suffocate cause or have difficulty in breathing
    1046 sullied to be stained or discredited
    1047 summarily briefly without delay
    1048 sumptuous magnificent
    1049 sundry various miscellaneous separate
    1050 supercilious disdainful characterized by haughty scorn
    1051 superfluous more then is needed or wanted
    1052 superimpose put something on the top
    1053 supersede take the place of
    1054 supine lying on the back slow to act passive
    1055 suppliant asking humbly beseeching
    1056 supplicate make a humble petition to
    1057 suppress prevent from being known put an end to
    1058 surcharge additional load/charge
    1059 surfeit satiate feed to fulness or to excess
    1060 susceptibility sensitiveness
    1061 swerve change direction suddenly
    1062 sycophant person who flatter to the rich and powerful
    1063 synopsis summary or outline
    1064 taciturn untalkative silent
    1065 tadpole form of a frog when it leaves the egg
    1066 talon claw of a bird of prey
    1067 tamp tap or drive down by repeated light blows
    1068 tamper interfere with
    1069 tangential suddenly changeable
    1070 tarnished lost brightness
    1071 tassel bunch of threads
    1072 taunt contemptuous reproach hurtful remark
    1073 taut tightly stretched
    1074 tautology a repetition a redundancy
    1075 tawdry cheap gaudy showy tacky
    1076 teetotal oppose to alcohol
    1077 telltale That gives warning or information
    1078 temerity boldness brashness intrepidness
    1079 temperance abstinence from alcohol self-control moderation
    1080 temperate showing self-control
    1081 tenacity firmness persistency adhesiveness tending to hang on
    1082 tenuous insubstantial flimsy weak
    1083 tepid lukewarm
    1084 terse brief and to the point
    1085 testiness witness/evidence
    1086 thrift care economy thriving prosperous
    1087 thwart obstruct/frustrate
    1088 timid shy easily frightened
    1089 timorous fearful timid afraid
    1090 toady obsequious flatterer
    1091 tonic something giving strength or energy
    1092 topple be unsteady and overturn
    1093 torment severe pain or suffering
    1094 torpid sleeping sluggish lethargic dormant
    1095 torque twisting force causing rotation
    1096 tortuous devious/not straightforward
    1097 tout person who worries others to buy something to use his service
    1098 tractable easily controlled or guided
    1099 transgress break go beyond (a limit)
    1100 transient temporary fleeting
    1101 transitory brief
    1102 travesty parody/imitation
    1103 trenchant forceful effective vigorous extremely perceptive incisive
    1104 trepidation alarm excited state of mind
    1105 trickle flow in drops
    1106 trifling unimportant
    1107 trite not new
    1108 truce (agreement) stop of fighting for a time
    1109 truculence aggressiveness ferocity
    1110 trudge walk heavily
    1111 turbid muddy having the sediment stirred up
    1112 turbulence being uncontrolled violent
    1113 turgid excessively ornate swollen or bloated
    1114 turmoil trouble disturbance
    1115 turpitude wickedness shamefulness
    1116 turquoise greenish-blue precious stone
    1117 tyro tiro beginner
    1118 ubiquitous present everywhere
    1119 ulterior situated beyond
    1120 umbrage offense resentment
    1121 uncouth rough awkward
    1122 underbid make a lower bid then smb else
    1123 undermine weaken gradually at the base make something under
    1124 undulate to move in wavelike fashion fluctuate
    1125 unearth discover and bring to light
    1126 unencumbered easy-going trifle
    1127 unfeigned not pretended sincere
    1128 unscathed unharmed unhurt
    1129 untoward unfortunate inconvenient
    1130 upbraid scold reproach
    1131 urbane elegant refined in manners
    1132 vacillation being uncertain hesitating
    1133 vagary strange act or idea
    1134 vain without use result conceited
    1135 valiant brave
    1136 valorous brave
    1137 vanquish conquer
    1138 variegate To mark with different shade or colors
    1139 veer change direction
    1140 venal ready to do something dishonest
    1141 veneer surface appearance covering the TRUE nature
    1142 veneration regard with deep respect
    1143 veracity truth
    1144 verdant fresh and green
    1145 verisimilitude appearing TRUE or real
    1146 veritable real rightly named
    1147 verve spirit vigor enthusiasm
    1148 vestige trace or sign
    1149 vex annoy distress trouble
    1150 vigilance watchfulness self-appointed group who maintain order
    1151 vigilant member of a vigilance committee
    1152 vigorous strong energetic
    1153 vilify slander say evil things
    1154 vindictive having a desire to revenge
    1155 virago a loud domineering woman a scold or nag
    1156 visceral of the internal organs of the body
    1157 viscous sticky/semi-fluid
    1158 vitiate lower the quality weaken the strength
    1159 vituperate curse abuse in words
    1160 vivacious lively high-spirited
    1161 volatile changeable inconstant fickle unstable explosive
    1162 volubility fluency verbosity easy use of spoken language
    1163 voluble fluent
    1164 waffle talk vaguely and without much result
    1165 waft scent waving movement carry lightly through
    1166 wag merry person
    1167 warmonger person who stirs up war
    1168 warrant authority written order guarantee
    1169 wean to turn away (from a habit)
    1170 weigh measure hoe heavy something is
    1171 welter turmoil a bewildering jumble
    1172 wend to go proceed
    1173 whimsical full of odd and fanciful ideas
    1174 wince show bodily or mental pain
    1175 woo try to win
    1176 writ written order
    1177 xenophile (zen-uh-fahyl) a person who is attracted to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs
    1178 yarn tale story fibers for knitting

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