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    Starting Date Wednesday, July 31, 2019
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    Question Title Pakistan’s Energy Crisis
    Question Description
    Spring 2019

    Crisis Management MGMT-729
    Graded Discussion Board (GDB) No. 2
    Due Date: August 05, 2019
    Topic: Pakistan’s Energy Crisis

    The objective of the activity:

    To familiarize the students with the energy crises and its impact on a country’s wellbeing

    Learning Outcome:

    After attempting this GDB, students will be able to analyze and understand the causes and effects of energy crises in Pakistan

    The Premise:

    Energy is considered as a life-line for any economy and the most vibrant source for a country’s microeconomic development. Energy plays a pivotal role in running the industries, moving the vehicles and lighting up the cities.

    Pakistan is geographically and strategically one of the most important countries in the region. She has all the potential to be an economic hub but faced with acute energy crisis for the last four decades. Pakistan produces almost 81% of the electricity through oil and gas costing around 9.2 billion Dollars. With a predicted decrease in the gas reserves and the ever-fluctuating oil prices in the International market makes, it is a tough task for the governments to tackle.

    Pakistan is facing severe energy shortfall as we produce less than what is actually required. The electricity shortages range 5000-7000 Megawatts in peak season while the gas shortage is estimated to jump by 157% to 3.7 billion cubic feet per day in 2019-20. According to the World Bank’s analysis, the power sector in Pakistan suffers from inefficiencies which cost the economy around 18 billion Dollars per annum.

    The energy crisis situation needs to be tackled beforehand. We need to foresee the adversities we will face due to the energy crisis in the short and long run and plan accordingly to overcome it.

    Point of Discussion:

    In your opinion, what are the major causes which brought us to the brink of the energy crisis in Pakistan? Highlight at least four major causes. How the energy crisis has affected the life of a layman and business community?

    Important Instructions:

    To add supporting arguments, you can take help from reports, research papers, articles, books, and any other source but you MUST write them in your own words
    Your discussion MUST be specific to the domain of the crisis management course
    Avoid any political discussions
    You need to follow the words limits strictly i.e. 180 Words. Your answer should NOT exceed 180 words.

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