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    To register your device, go to this link and create your account as an individual user. Select your user type International traveler
    On submission of Signup form, a confirmation link will be received in your provided email address. Click on the confirmation link to activate your account and login to register your device(s).

    1. Click on “Click here to Register Your Device” button or click on Apply for COC tab under Individual COC
    2. Read the Important Message carefully and fill the form accordingly
    3. Make sure the entered IMEI is GSMA valid and not duplicate, stolen, cloned or counterfeit
    4. Click on “Submit” button
    5. You will receive a confirmation SMS on your provided contact number according to the nature of your registration
    6. In case of first free device registration (baggage rule), status of your application would be approved

    As per custom baggage rules, 1 mobile device is exempted from duty/taxes, provided the passenger stay aboard has been for more than 7 days and registers the device(s) within 60 days of arrivals (Upon submission of request the passport number + CNIC/NICOP whichever is applicable is verified via FIA immigration system and in case of system response stating the passenger applying is eligible for tax exemption, FBR will notify via system to user of same and device IMEI will be registered under baggage rule exemption). In case you have applied through the system with incorrect details, user can log in to their account and click on My Application TAB and delete pending request.

    1. DRS Links Device Registration Link : https://dirbs.pta.gov.pk/drs
    2. Sign-up Form
    3. Read Instruction carefully
    4. Sign-Up Form : Pakistani/Local
    5. Sign-Up Form : Foreigner
    6. Login Form
    7. Local Pakistani (International Traveler) Applicant COC Apply
    8. Local Pakistani (International Traveler) Applicant COC Apply
    9. Local Pakistani (International Traveler) Applicant COC Apply
    10. Local Pakistani (International Traveler) Applicant COC Apply
    11. OTP Message
    12. Local Pakistani Applicant COC Apply
    13. Courier Services (Mobile Device Receive Through Courier)
    14. Apply for CoC (Message received after device registration)
    15. Message received vis SMS after device registration
    16. Email notification of registration of device by paying tax
    17. DIRBS Subsystems: Device Verification System (DVS)
      Consumer and Retailers can verify their IMEI by using multiple
      platforms including web portal, mobile app and by SMS short code
      Thank You
      Download Full Guide Set by Step in PDF
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    For the queries / issues related to DIRBS, the visitors are requested to observe following official timing:

    Monday to Thursday (09:00 AM to 03:00 PM)
    Friday (09:00 AM to 01:00 PM) and (02:00 PM to 03:00 PM)

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