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    How this course works?

    In this course you will learn how to build dapps, smart contracts, and deploy them to the Ethereum Blockchain. This course can be completed over a weekend and includes 3 projects that you can add to your portfolio. In order to qualify for an NFT Certificate you need to submit one of these 3 projects for review. Upon review, you will then recieve an NFT Certificate that can be added to your Linkedin or Resume.

    🔑 Coding experience is required, the key is to push through the lessons to learn the big picture concepts and you will pick up languages like Solidity as you build.

    For our course we will be using the Ethereum blockchain. You might have heard of Ethereum and it’s core currency Ether. Ethereum was created by Vitalik Buterin and takes the concept of blockchains one step further.

    In addition to having a native currency, Ethereum is actually a distributed computer that you can execute code on in the form of Smart Contracts. So now we have a blockchain that is a database, a network, and a computer.

    In addition to creating smart contracts, Ethereum has facilitated the creation of new coins that use the network and NFT’s. To create a currency on top of Ethereum, you follow the ERC20 token standard and to create an NFT you follow the ERC-721 standard. Recently there’s been introduced the ERC-1155 that let’s you save on gas by using one contract for multiple tokens.

    What makes this blockchain unique is that it is a network, a database, and a computer. Every action executed on the Ethereum blockchain requires a fee to be paid known as gas. The fees used to be fairly cheap but as of this writing it can cost up to $100 to send 10 dollars.

    This has led to the creation of other blockchains like Solana, which offers lower fees and faster transaction times. We will be using Ethereum to start with since it is the most used blockchain and has a large developer community but stay tuned for our Solana tutorials.

    ➡️ Action Item Go to Etherscan and view the real time transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Share with us anything you noticed or learned in the Discord. Etherscan is a blockchain explorer that comes in handy for debugging.

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