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    This guy has done (and continues to do) some serious damages to #LUMS Goodwill.

    Misogynist, as well as, he enjoys publicly to insult oppressed social classes.

    I still assume that #LUMS & its students do not agree with his thoughts.

    Dear @alizarraza , Get ready to be expelled!
    What a pure brat and a brag, he does not deserve expulsion for his OTT attention-seeking behavior but his Teacher should make him do the community work.

    This is the ‘damage’ I referred in my post. His tweets & association with #LUMS affect general perception about the institute’s culture.
    First of All don’t be so egoistic
    Next, Rejection is must if u want to achieve something really big.
    Siraf Lums Mai Insaan nahi Partay. Yai aik Mith Hai Kay Lums Sai paro gai to Aik hi din Mai Multi National Company Mai Manager ban jao gai ya tumhay Scholarship Milay gi.

    What is this whole new trash #LUMS trend starting. So not Pakistani. Everyone has a right to express themselves and show what universities they study in. Whether it be LUMS or NUST or COMSATS, they are all universities of Pakistan. Why can’t we all unite for once. Deal with it!

    #LUMS is a great place to be in. Environment is owsum and there is a great diversity of students. I find a great culture of arts and science over there. Students are much grown up that they don’t take shit and are focused to their goals. 💕

    Lums Part 2

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