#Kulbushan Jadhav Case verdict: #ICJ probably to reject Republic of India plea to unleash guilty #Indianspy

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    RAW Agent #KulbhushanJadhav - who was caught RED-HANDED propagating terrorism in #Pakistan will have his fate decided tomorrow!

    Watch his startling CONFESSIONS in this video & RETWEET. We want terror-free Pakistan! 🇵🇰#PakistanZindabad

    @ForeignOfficePk said #Pak fought the legal battle in #KulbhushanJadhav case very well&hoped that the #ICJ will issue judgment in Islamabad’s favor.we will accept the court ruling &consultations will be made with lawyers regarding the procedure of implementation after the verdict

    Indian’s View:

    1. Tomorrow at 6:30 pm IST , international court of Justice will give the verdict in Kulbhushan Yadav case who is in the jail of Pakistani Army. Lets pray for his safe release… 🙏🙏🙏
      #kulbhushanjadhav #ICJ

    2. A tale of two handshakes - one denied, one done. On left, Dr Deepak Mittal of #India doesn’t shakes hand with Dr Mohd Faisal of #Pakistan during the #KulbhushanJadhav hearing at ICJ. On right, Dr Mohd Faisal and Dr Deepak Mittal Shake hands ahead of the #KartarpurCorridor talks

    3. #KulbhushanJadhav’s friends wearing ‘India with Kulbhushan’ t-shirts offer special prayers ahead of International Court of Justice’s verdict today. (ANI)

    4. The consensus spirit at #KartarpurTalks will have to cross the canal of #KulbhushanJadhav verdict at #ICJ next week. Hope this approach of
      bridging differences could continue after July 17th verdict. #India & #Pak have fought a bitter legal battle over #JadhavCase at @CIJ_ICJ.

    5. International Court of Justice (#ICJ) to deliver verdict in #KulbhushanJadhav case on Wednesday; Track LIVE updates with #DDNews Correspondent from #TheHague

    Pakistani’s View:

    1. #KulbhushanJadhav must be given death penalty for what he has done to Our Beloved Pakistan and Its innocent Citizens.
      He is An Indian Raw Agent Being Caught By Our Brave Pakistan Army.
      He also did confess all his Terrorism Acts.
      May We All Pakistanis Get Justice Today Ameen. Maria Mansha

    2. Indian face was rubbed into the mud when #KulbhushanJadhav was arrested. Pakistan does not have to accept the verdict of this court. Death Penalty to Kulbhushan shall stand ✌️and carried out.
      Victory is Pakistan’s 🇵🇰

    3. " I’m KulbhushanJadhav , Captain of the IndianNavy, number 41550. I was hired & given task by #RAW to hire/train militants to carry out terrorist activities in specific areas of Pakistan." Confessional statement by #KulbhushanJadhav after being captured.

    4. He confessed nothing. It was a concocted and a poorly edited video. Pakistani soldiers tortured #KulbhushanJadhav to speak what they wanted to hear. The ICJ too outrightly rejected the video because of the same reason. (Sabah Kashmiri)

    5. #India 🇮🇳 has confessed the crime of terror in #Pakistan 🇵🇰 by declaring #KulbhushanJadhav as the son of the soil…

    6. #RAW will not accept it simply because #KulbhushanJadhav is not a spy.
      On the other hand, did you know #Pakistan doesn not claim bodies of terrorists, after they are killed in encounters in #Kashmir, just like it never accepted bodies of soldiers during #Kargil war with #India.

    7. I am waiting for the Indian Terrorist Kulbhushan Jadav Final Decision tomorrow. Let’s hope the decision will go in Favor of Pakistan.
      Let’s hope International Court of Justice is not Influenced by India policies and Propaganda.
      Let’s hope…

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    Kulbhushan is not going home.

    Judicial review will be done by Pakistan’s Court

    Death Sentence still stands.

    Councillor access can be rejected under 2008 bilateral agreement.

    Terrorism charges not annulled
    More surprise on the way #DGISPR


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    خاور قریشی کی محنت رنگ لے آئی۔۔۔

    نوازشریف کے دور میں کیس غلط لڑا گیا کلبھوشن رہا ہو سکتا تھا مگر عمران خان کی حکومت میں کیس بہترین لڑا گیا اور آج کلبھوشن یادیو کی رہائی اور اسکی سزا کی درخواست مکمل ریجیکٹ کر دی گئی

    پاکستانی قوم کو مبارک

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    We don’t care what the decision would be , but 1 thing is for sure that Indians r dying for his freedom which makes me happy 😊
    We should hang him publicly

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    Master mind of safoora bus attack was Kulbhushan Yadhav…
    48 Passengers were shot dead by gunmen during this attack …
    Kulbhushan himself admit that he was involved in all this…

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