Is it Indian Court or #ShariaCourt?
This is the real face of jaichand #ManishSingh, a #Ranchicourt’s Judge who order to hindu women #RichaBharti to distribute Quran.
Shameful Anti Hindu Decision of Indian judiciary, Shame on Anti Hindu Judge #SackManishSingh

Spoke with #RichaBharti & her father Prakash Patel, judgement is neither uploaded nor they have received certified copy. I have assured them full assistance & support.

I would like to see how many self-certified ‘liberal Muzlims’ come out to defend #RichaBharti and her right to say NO to distributing Quran. If that A-hole Fsisu something was asked to distribute Geeta, every Jamaat-E-Fiberal guy would have been frothing at the mouth!