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    Let A be a 3×3 matrix with real entries. Prove that if A is not similar over
    R to a triangular matrix then A is similar over C to a diagonal matrix.

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    While using Relaxation method, which of the following is increment ‘dxi’corresponding to the largest Residual for 1st iteration on the system;
    2x+3y = 1, 3x +2y = - 4 ?

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    Central Difference method is the finite difference method

    Finite difference. A finite difference is a mathematical expression of the form f (x + b) − f (x + a). … The approximation of derivatives by finite differences plays a central role in finite difference methods for the numerical solution of differential equations, especially boundary value problems.

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    Whileusingtherelaxationmethodforfindingthesolutionofthefollowingsystem11x1+x2−x3=8 x1+8x2+5x3=9 x1+x2+9x3=7withtheinitialvector(0,0,0),theresidualswouldbe



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    By using determinants, we can easily check that the solution of the given system of linear equation ______ and it is ______.


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    If the determinant of a matrix A is not equal to zero then the system of equations will have……….


    A nxn nonhomogeneous system of linear equations has a unique non-trivial solution if and only if its determinant is non-zero. If this determinant is zero, then the system has either no nontrivial solutions or an infinite number of solutions.

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    For the system of equations; x =2, y=3. The inverse of the matrix associated with its coefficients is-----------.


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    While using Jacobi method for the matrix

    the value of ‘theta θ’ can be found as


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    If the Relaxation method is applied on the system; 2x+3y = 1, 3x +2y = - 4, then largest residual in 1st iteration will reduce to ---------.


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    While using Relaxation method, which of the following is the largest Residual for 1st iteration on the system;
    2x+3y = 1, 3x +2y = - 4 ?


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    Let [A] be a 3x3 real symmetric matrix with
    be numerically the largest off-diagonal element of A, then we can construct orthogonal matrix S1 by Jacobi’s method as


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    The number of significant digits in the number 608.030060 is:


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