#ShahbazSharif #DailyMail شہباز شریف نے زلزلہ متاثرین کی امداد میں کرپشن کیسے کی ؟

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    برطانوی صحافی ڈیوڈ روز حقائق سامنے لے آئے
    برطانوی اخبار ڈیلی میل میں شہباز شریف کی کرپشن کی داستان میں بتایا گیا کہ کس طرح قومی ادارے ایرا (ERRA) کے ذریعے فنڈز چوری کرتے رہے۔

    #NawazSharif 's permanent bail appeal gets REJECTED & will be ARRESTED on May 7, 2019. #ShahbazSharif mocks the entire Opposition, that was DYING to make him PAC Chairman, by hiding in UK! #بھاگ_ٹی_ٹی_شریف_بھاگ
    Investigators say #ShahbazSharif, who was CM of the Punjab, has embezzled tens of millions of pounds of UK public money and laundered it in Britain.
    May Allah guide us all to choose the right path & may He protect #Pakistan from burglars. Ameen!

    After Looting Pakistans Tax Payers Money #ShahbazSharif
    Also Looted UKs Tax Payers Money
    Still Roaming around as Leader of the Opposition
    Shame on PMLN for having such a President

    Up to £500million of UK foreign aid has been poured into his province, Punjab

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