ENG517 Quiz No. III Solution and Discussion

In the process of ____________ the learner shows willingness to listen to others’ ideas and suggestions, so that they can be discussed and integrated into further actions like decision making.


In 1988 Sharan and Shachar offered the _____________ strategies used in collaborative learning discussions.


Challenges to collaboration in a CALL context are problems that arise when the aim of the __________is to promote language learning at the computer.


The learner’s behaviour of __________ is considered as non-verbal behaviour involved in non-verbal discourse strategies.


The _________ works as a central process in cooperative learning and confirms its social and democratic nature.


An important activity in the classroom which encourages both social and thinking skills and mirrors the way in which learners often need to work in an academic setting is known as __________.


Wegerif and Dawes (1998) summarize ______challenges to learning in groups based on a study conducted with primary schoolchildren.


Repeating what was just read or said is counted under the ___________ category of ‘Verbal Discourse Strategies Responses’.


Ellis (1997) notes that _______ settings are likely to be poor places for learners to acquire language compared to the world outside the classroom.

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