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    Project Domain / Category
    Web Application

    The application will provide an interface through which users can easily search, view and download phone number, address and other information. Search operation can be performed by entering name, phone number and partial/complete address etc. Search results should be displayed on the webpage with the download option (as .CSV or .XLS etc.).

    There are three types of users in this application: Admin, Registered User and Unregistered User.
    Admin can manage all the application-related data. Registered user can search, view, download and add contacts information. Unregistered user can search and view limited information.

    Functional Requirements:
    Three types of users will be using this application.

     The application will provide Login interface.
     Admin can search/view/download/add/update/delete any information.
     Admin can approve/reject registration requests.

    Registered User:
     The application will provide Registration interface.
     User can login after Admin approves his/her registration request.
     User can search/view/download/add contact information.

    Unregistered User:
     User can search and view limited information. Phone number and address of any contact should not be visible to unregistered user.
     User cannot add or download any information.

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