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    Project Domain / Category
    Web Application

    Abstract / Introduction
    The purpose of the proposed web site is to provide all age groups of the viewers, the advise and the tips to help them to maintaining healthy lifestyle and the health. It will negate many myths that are counterproductive and have negative affects on the health issues.
    The main idea is to make a forum where the web browsers can share their experiences. It will also motive the young entrepreneurs to start their own business related to the health and beauty products.The web site will especially focus on the health issues that are related to the ill myth and due to the consumption of adulterated food. It will help to maintain the philosophical parameters of the body and as well as to maintain the skin and skeleton and tissue of the body. It provides the browsers to find the required products or the advises on health and beauty matters.
    The proposed web site would be on the health and beauty issues of the public. It would cover the following topic
    Health and beauty
    In health sector the people would be told the simple ways to maintain their health and beauty.
    I would have two section
    1.Ist would be the the awareness of the normal physiological values of the body.For an example BMI , heart rate BP , Blood sugar level and other parameters.
    2. Second section would be how to remain disease free. Tips to remain healthy.
    3. Third section would be the types of physical activities that can make you fit and active.
    4. Forth section would be the choice of food and drinks that make you healthy.
    5. Fifth section would cover the importance of organic foods and how to acquire them
    6. The simple tips to adopt in case of any health issues.

    Beauty section
    This section with emphasis the important of super foods to boost immunity and to remain young. Use of simple natural products to look beautiful and young. It will also emphasis on the natural products to be used to look beautiful and to counteract the affects of the chemically based make up use.
    The intended users of this applications are the admin and the viewers/visitors.
    The admin can login, manage visitors/viewers by adding new visitors and updating their profiles. Admin can also check for the registered visitors. visitors can register and login and view all the contents of the application. visitors can ask their new queries related to health or beauty issues other than available solutions online. They can send their feed back also after experienced of the provided solutions. Admin can check online feed back of the intended visitors and accept and reply their queries as well. Visitors can get their feedback response notification online .

    Functional Requirements:

    Some of the functional requirements are:

    • Login process/authentication for Admin and visitors (Sign up and Sign in) to avoid unauthorized access.

    1. Admin Requirements
      o Admin approves the registered visitors
      o Admin can manage the visitors (add/ view/ update / delete)
      o Admin can update the visitors details and manage login password
      o Admin can check rating given by visitors about each product,health and beauty tips
      o Admin can check average rating for each visitor
      o Admin can block a visitor in case of continuous poor rating

    2. Visitors Requirements
      o Visitors can register and Login to the system
      o Visitors make their profile including their Name, Age,Address
      o Visitor will rate a product /remedy matching with their requirements .
      o Admin can view/ update the visitors profile and can update password
      o Admin can check the rating given by the Visitors

    Server side programming language: PHP
    Scripting and styling languages: HTML and CSS
    Client side scripting: JavaScript and JQuery
    Database: MYSQL
    IDE: PHP Storm or NetBeans or any one of your choice
    Local host Server: WAMP or XAMPP

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