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    Online Auction Management System
    Project Domain / Category
    Web Application

    Abstract / Introduction
    The system aims to manage Auctions securely by access-based user roles. There are two basic roles in our system i.e. Admin and Buyer. Admin have unlimited access to system while buyer can only have access to bidding and payment modules. The Admin can create an auction with basic details like start date, end date, bidding price, security amount for participation etc. A single auction can have multiple items along with their pictures. For Buyers, it’s mandatory to register by his/her personal details like CNIC number, payment details etc. The Admin shall be responsible for account verification of the Buyers. The buyers should join the auction prior to its held date by paying the participation amount through credit card or Bank Account. Only valid Buyers (who paid the participation amount) should be allowed to participate in the auction. When auction time starts, the buyers can place their bid. The current bid should be available on the bidding page along with the countdown timer to end the auction. The winner is the one who bids for the highest price. The winner has to pay the full price within 15 days of auction through Credit card or Bank Account. If the winner can’t pay the full amount within 15 days of the auction, the participation amount will be kept by the system and will not be refunded in any case.
    Functional Requirements:
    Below are the main functional requirements of the system.
    ● Admin can create auctions and add items in it.
    ● Buyers can register themselves by giving their details.
    ● Admin shall verify Buyers Account.
    ● The escrow of bidding participation amount.
    ● Payment of Security amount and bidding amount.
    ● The Buyers can only bid within auction specified time.
    ○ Whenever a Buyer records its bid, it will automatically update the current bid.
    ● The Bidding should stop at specified time.
    ○ If Buyer can’t pay the bid amount within specified time, his/her participation amount will not be refunded.
    PHP, MySql, Javascript, Jquery, CSS, Bootstrap, PhpStorm, Sublime or any other IDE.

    Note: You’ve to use any payment gateway from EasyPay, 2Checkout or Skrill.

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