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    Project Domain / Category
    Mobile Application

    Abstract / Introduction
    Vehicle Tracker Mobile App. helps to track your traveling in terms of location, distance covered, speed and altitude. Practically it provides you real-time metering facility of speed, altitude, direction, distance calculation & other aspects during the travel through multiple driving modes. Real time navigation and tracking using voice command is also helpful to give commands whereas a voice messages used to get information about speed, direction, distance, altitudes, weather & multiple real-time information.

    Functional Requirements:

    1. Create User Account:
      Give user name, password and email id to create user account.
    2. Navigation:
      See route and navigate through the address, map location, GPS coordinates track your journey. Navigation feature will not work if we are not having an internet connection.
    3. Vehicle Tracker:
      We can view the speed on the same and different graphs of speed & altitude. Watch your movements on a map and see your direction and elevation.
    4. Previous Trip Record:
      Keep record of your previous trips for future use so that it save trip information (record) as you move across your way.
    5. Speedometer in vehicle Tracker:
    6. This GPS speedometer features a fully functional speedometer with both analog as well as digital speed display. Analog meter shows speed just like your car’s speedometer using a dial and a needle. Digital speedometer will show current speed in digits. Track vehicle location and speed at real time.
    7. GPS Voice Commands:
      Voice Access is an accessibility service that helps users who have difficulty manipulating a touch screen. Tap on microphone to enable/disable voice commands and control your device with your voice.
    8. Text Messaging & Voice Messaging:
      Add a feature of text and voice messaging through voice commands while tracking and also get voice direction messages when you turn ON device speaker.
      Android Studio
      Programming Language: Java
      Database: SQLite
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