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    Project Domain / Category

    Android Mobile Application

    Abstract / Introduction

    Car tracking mobile application is an android based app that aids in tracking the traveling location and the distance covered by the car. It is all done in real time i.e. to calculate the distance and direction with respect to the GPS location. It will provide the real time GPS navigation while tracking the car.

    Functional Requirements:

    1. Display:
      The display of the app must be refreshed in real-time that records and access the travelling information of the car.

    2. Live Tracking:
      Application will support live tracking with 10-20 seconds refresh rate and store the history of past 10-20 routes/locations.

    3. Dashboard:
      On dashboard, you can check your car’s current location, speed and distance from your smartphone.
      All of these in a simple and intuitive screen with a map.

    4. Locations:
      It shows the real address of the desired location, not just the longitude/latitude.

    5. Settings:
      In settings, you should be able to set/change the password, change the GPS mode, and define speed limit and move alerts and much more.

    Android Studio

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