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  • Federal State
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    The powers of the government are constitutionally divided between the Central government and the regional governments ( federating units), the system will be called Federation. The pattern of division of powers is also also explicitly divided in the constitution. Generally, the matters of importance on which uniformity in laws and policies is required, are allocated to the Central government, while the Federating units are assigned, the matters of regional importance on which their respective governments exercise government authority.

    1. Hamitton defines it as:
      “An organisation of states that gives birth to a new union”.
    2. In the words of Montesqieu:
      “It is a convention through different states organize themselves into a wider union”.
    3. In the words of Dicey:
      “It is a political contrivance intended to reconcile national unity with the maintenance of state rights”.
      Uniformity of terminology:
      There is no uniformity of terminology applicable to federating units. In Pakistan these are called provinces, in America they are called states and in Switzerland, Cantons.the Federal System has been adopted in America, India, Pakistan, Latin America, Switzerland, Canada and Australia.

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