• Muslim League and Congress in Lucknow Pact
    1. Bombay meeting:
    The extrimusts under Tilak and the moderates under Gokhle met at Bombay where Muslim League joined them to draft a set of minimum constitutional demand through mutual consultations, thus giving Ian idea of illustrating Hindu-Muslim Unity. For the 1st time the principal leaders of two parties assembled at one place. The speeches made from the platform of both groups were similar in tone and theme.
    2. Ambassador of Hindu-Musli Unity:
    Within a few months of the Bombay meetings 19 Muslim and Hindu elected members of the Imperial Legislative joined a referendum to the viceroy on the subject of reforms in October, 1916. At a subsequent meeting of the Congress and the Muslim League at Calcutta in November, 1916, thier suggestions were discussed , amended and accepted. The agreement was confirmed by the annual sessions of the Congress held at Lucknowon December 29 and Decembe 31 ,1916, respectively. Sarojini Naidu gave Jinnah, the chief architect of the Lucknow Pact, the title of **"the Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity. "
    3. Lucknow Pact:
    Thus, for the 1st time in history, Muslim League and Indian National Congress worked together to present a set o f demands to British which came to be known as the "Lucknow Pact "

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