• Jinnah and the Pact
    Jinnah arise as a devoted champion of Hindu-Muslim Unity, for the better of India he convinced All-India Muslim league to change the policies. M. Ali Jinnah in his early career was a member of both the Congress and the Muslim League and was well known as a member free of any religious prejudice, as well as a great advocate and debater. The Muslim League and the Congress had their annual meeting in the Bombay in 1915 only due the his efforts. At the end of this meeting, a committee was formed with the intention to sort the common understanding between the two communities. The committee prepared a scheme in November, 1916 that was approved by both the the parties in December, 1916, at the respective sessions at Lucknow. At Lucknow, Quaid-e-Azam in his presidential address said:
    " Indias real progress can only be achieved by a true understanding and harmonious relations between the two great communities. With regard to our own affairs, we can depend upon nobody but ourselves."

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