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    Looking for a fun, easier way to reach your audience in between uploads?
    We’ll give you an overview of YouTube Stories
    short, mobile-only videos that allow eligible creators with 10,000 subscribers or more to connect with their community more casually—in the moment and on the go.
    YouTube Stories don’t just help creators connect with their existing subscribers but also help find new ones. On average, creators with an active Story can accelerate their weekly new subscriber count by 8.5 percent.

    1. So first, we’ll show you how to make a Story.

    2. Then, we’ll give you some things to keep in mind about Stories.

    3. And finally, we’ll give you some strategies for using them.

    How to make a Story

    • To create a Story, sign in to YouTube on mobile.
    • Tap the camera, then Story.
    • Tap the capture button to take a photo, or hold it down to record a video.
    • You can also select a video or image from your mobile device to add to your Story.

    Story Features

    • From there, you can add effects like music
    • Filters
    • Text
    • and stickers.
    • You can add your location or even mention other creators.
    • You can choose a video that your viewers can add to their Watch Later playlist.
    • You can also highlight a viewer’s comment
    • Trim your Story
    • or save it to your camera roll.
    • Once your Story is ready, hit Post.
    • Once you have access to Stories, you’ll also see a Stories shelf on your homepage.
    • You can click the Create button which will always show as the first avatar on this shelf for a quick and easy way to create a Story.

    Now, here are some things to keep in mind with Stories.

    1. Stories are on mobile only and appear on the Stories tab of your channel page.
    2. They can also show to subscribers on the Subscriptions feed and on Home and under videos to new viewers who we think might be interested in your content.
    3. You can check out your own Story by tapping your channel icon in the Stories row on mobile Home or on the Subscriptions feed.
    4. You’ll see the number of views, comments, and likes on each of your Story posts at the bottom of the player.
    5. You can see the total number of views across all posts in a Story via the Stories tab on your channel page.
    6. Stories expire after seven days which give your audience time to view your Story and time to respond to comments.
    7. Stories have no effect on the discovery potential of your main videos so feel free to test it out.

    OK, in this last section

    Here are some Stories best practices to think about.
    Let your fans know you’re gonna start making Stories. Give your audience a heads-up about your new content. Viewers might not be familiar with the feature so include a shout-out in your regular videos or a Community post letting them know about your plans to use Stories.

    Be consistent with your Stories.
    Viewers tend to love it when you have a sense of what you’ll post and when you’ll post it. See if you can think of repeatable Story ideas that give your fans something fun and easy to watch like outfit of the day or fun fact about me series.
    Since Stories last for seven days, try posting at least once a week to keep your channel presence active in between uploads.

    Try something new.
    Viewers love Stories that do more than just notify them about your latest upload. The most successful Stories show viewers something new that they can’t find in your videos.

    What might that be for you?
    Bring viewers behind the scenes.
    Stories are a great way to give viewers a backstage pass to your life.
    Bring them behind the scenes and show them moments they can’t see anywhere else like showing your recording process to get them pumped for upcoming videos.

    Share your channel milestones.
    Use Stories to share your biggest moments with your audience. Use them to celebrate crossing subscriber thresholds and thank your fans for their support.

    Experiment and have fun.
    Remember, Stories do not influence the discovery of your main uploads so let loose a little and try using them to experiment with new content.

    Have you tried Stories yet?
    What do you like or not like about them? Let us know in the comments and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more creator tips and tricks.

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