• Reasons for the Lucknow Pact
      The main reasons for the Lucknow Pact are as follows:
    1. The All-India Muslim League came into existence as a moderate organization with its basic aim is to establish friendly relations with the British Crown. But, the Muslim Leadership decided to change its stance due to the decision made by the British Government to anul the partition of Bengal.
    2. A new group of Muslim leaders joined the Muslim League with a much different view than their predecessors. The Muslims made hostile to the British due to the indifferent policy of England towards the Caliph of Turkey as the Caliph was regarded as the religious head of the Muslims all over world.
    3. At the end of the war, Lord Chelmsford had invited suggestions from the Indians for post world war 1 reforms. So, naturally Muslim League which was on the sidelines of the country politics by that time would like to come ahead to get a better share in the expected giveaways of reforms.
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