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    Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. Launched on April 24, 2012, Google Drive allows users to store files on their servers, synchronize files across devices, and share files.

    Q: How to use google drive? And what are the benefits of drive?
    • First of all you are required to create your google account. You can easily sign up for Gmail account by searching “sign up for Gmail” on browser.
    • Now you can see the “google apps icon” on most right upper corner of your window.
    • Click on that icon.
    • Click on the GDrive icon displayed in those apps. Seems like:
    • Google drive is very secure to use. You can move at any place with your important data.
    • You will get 15 GB of space for free where you can save your important data.
    • Backup Your Precious Files.
    • Send Large Files to Family, Friends or Co-Workers.
    • Use Google Drive App to Access Documents.
    • Efficient Built-in Search Engine.
    • Optical Character Recognition Feature.
    • Share Photos and Videos with Your Contacts.
    • Open and Edit Various Kinds of Document.
    • Fantastic Built-in Image Recognition Technology.
    • Completely Free to Use

    • Work smarter with apps. Docs, Sheets, Slides. You can create text file named as “google docs” from the left most upper corner. You will simply click new button then drop-down menu will be opened. Simply click on “Google Docs” to create a new text file.
    • Like above you will see “google sheets”, “google slides” where you can make excel sheets and

    PowerPoint slides respectively.
    • 15 GB of space for your documents, videos. Pictures and etc.
    • You can also share your files and document with your contacts in drive.
    • Your stuff, your way - Drive Features.
    • Keep any file.
    • Built to work with Google.
    • Save Gmail attachments.
    • Powerful search.
    • Google Photos.
    • Google Forms.
    • Take Drive even further.
    • Scan documents.
    • Work offline.
    • Collaboration
    • File versioning

    You can see the visual description of features on the left sidebar below:
    • You can see your saved data in “My Drive”
    • You can sync your system in “computers”.
    • You can see shared files and documents in “shared with me”.
    • You can see recent files in “Recent”.
    • You can see your starred files in “Starred”. Add star to things or documents that you want to find later easily.
    • You can restore your files and data that you had deleted before in “Trash”.
    • You can store your backup files in Backups. You can save your mobile Apps backup too. You can save your desktop apps’ backups too.
    • At the end the notification of rest of the space from 15GB.

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