• Merits/ Advantages
      Following are the merits of Unitary State;

    • Simplicity:
      Because of geographical unitary and political homogeneity Unitary System is more suitable than smaller state. Moreover, Unitary State has uniformity of governmental machinery.
      In this State, the source of all authority is central government that increases the administrative capability of the government.

    • Adaptation and capability:
      According to the changing circumstances, Unitary State has flexibility to change itself. Drafting a Unitary constitution is comparatively a simple affair, as the framers have not to face such tedious problems such as a balanced division of powers and demarcation of the boundaries of any unit. Moreover, to meet the changing socio-economic needs, it has shown more capabilities.

    • Stable Government:
      If Unitary Government stands equal to a Federal State, it is comparatively more stable and prosperous. This is because of only one central authority that solves all the national problems more effectively. For the clash of jurisdiction or the division of political responsibility, there is no place.

    • Promotion of national integration:
      Citizens in a Federation have to obey dual authorities that may result in promoting regional prejudices. Growing trends of decentralization and danger of secession of federating units from the union, are the factors that impede national integration. But the centre of loyalties in a Unitary State is one that promotes patriotism.

    • Uniformities of Laws:
      As there is no thing like conflict of jurisdiction in a Unitary State, the source of all authority is national government that may delegate some powers to local units. But, the ultimate responsibility of the administration lies on the national government.

    • Strong and powerful:
      As compared to the federal set-up,it is strong and powerful. With a unified command, central government strongly controls all the state affairs. It maintains the integrity, solidarity and prestige of the country and also saves it from breakage. This system causes national integration because all powers belong to a single central government.

    • Simple Structure:
      As there is a simple administrative system throughout the state, Unitary Government is very simple in its structure or organization’s. There is central legislature, executive and judiciary that are easily understandable. Moreover it’s simple administration is cheap and can easily be dealt.

    • Less expensive:
      As there is no large number of legislatures, upper house and provincial assemblies in this form of government, the expenditure if these institutions is almost nil. This system is not a burden on national treasury. Its expenses are less and output is more.

    • Can and quickly:
      Because decisions are made only by a single governing body, the Unitary Government is able to respond more quickly to unexpected conditions, whether they are domestic or foreign.

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