• Unitary State
      A Unitary State is one in which the supreme governmental authority is vested by the institution in a single government which rules the whole government.
      Unitary State is also called as Unitary Government or Unitary System.

    • Explanation
      For administrative convenience, the country is divided into various provinces, cantons or departments, which either own local administrative bodies. But these local governments govern only such governmental powers as are delegated to them. In Unitary State, the relations between Central government and the local governments are those of subordination and under administrative control. It is only central government on which all powers of the State is concentrated. The central government also determines when and how much of the authority shall be delegated to the local bodies and even that shall be their territorial boundaries and departmenal structures and functions. While the local administrative bodies exercise only delegated authority. Thus we can say, local governments in a Unitary State has no authority. They are mere administrative units of the central government. As the latter exercise the supreme and final powers, the constitution of a unitary state is not supreme and rigid

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    @Arooj-Chaudhry said in What is Unitary State?:

    @zaasmi no I will explain its merits and demerits in the next post


  • @zaasmi no I will explain its merits and demerits in the next post

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    is this complete explanation?

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