CS619 Final Project Spring 2019 (Android Application Jungle Walk)

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    Jungle Walk

    Project Domain / Category

    Android Game Programming


    In video games, artificial intelligence (AI) has come to revolutionize the in-game experience. AI is used to generate responsive, adaptive or intelligent behaviors primarily in non-player characters (NPCs) similar to human-like intelligence. Among game developers, behavior trees are most commonly used to implement complex behaviors of NPCs. They are a way to code behaviors using a tree of actions.

    Jungle Walk is an AI implemented 3D game playable in a dense forest among notorious monkeys and wild animals. The player has to take safely a bucket of bananas across the jungle. Monkeys in the game are NPC which are intelligent and react according to the situation. Their actions are implemented through behavior trees.

    Functional & Non-Functional Requirements

    You have to implement the game with the following scenario:

    There is a 3D dense jungle with wild animals and caves. A farmer/player has to take a bucket of bananas from one end of the jungle to the other. There are multiple path options available to the player which he could take before the start of the journey. During his journey, he has to save himself from the dangers of other animals and he has to save his bucket of bananas so that he could sell it upon reaching the destination. For his safety, he has carried with him a bow and arrow to kill the wilds. You can associate bananas with the life-line of the player.

    Now the jungle is full of notorious monkeys and other wild animals. Monkeys can give the farmer tough time by playing around. They can snatch his bananas and run away having a direct effect on the life line of the player. Monkeys can slap/bite the player or throw balls from the trees: again the life-line gets affected. The player can kill the monkeys with arrows. Monkey can jump or bow down to miss an arrow. If the cave is near monkeys can even hide in it. Monkeys can jump on the tree for their safety. Monkey can adopt an intelligent way of safety whatever is convenient to the situation.

    Wild animals like jungle cats are enemies for both the player and monkeys. Upon seeing the jungle cat each attacking monkey has to decide whether it is better to run in a cave or jump on a tree for shelter. Player can kill the jungle cat with arrow else if cat harms him it is the end of the game.

    All the monkeys should intelligently behave and play around the player. Consider the situation in which monkey is on the ground and ready to attack/bite the player or snatch his banana to run away. Now the player can throw arrows to kill him. At this situation if jungle cat is appeared, the intelligent behavior of the monkey is to hide so it must left the attack and go in a cave or if the tree is near it could jump. Proper sound effects should be incorporated.


    Unity 2018.1 or any suitable version

    Development Language:

    C# (C sharp)


    Name: Anum Liaquat

    Email ID: [email protected]

    Skype ID: anumliaqat1989

    VU will not pay for any license of the software, the libraries /toolkits/API’s used or any sprite for this project. It may also be noted that your android devices must support all features necessary for this game.

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