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    According to leaked information, the dimensions of the iPhone 16 Pro Max are reported to be 163.024mm in height, 77.575mm in width, and 8.26mm in thickness. These measurements, as outlined by Apple Insider, exceed those of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with the new model being 3.1mm taller, 0.88mm wider, and 1mm thicker. This increase in size is attributed to the speculated larger screen size of 6.9 inches, surpassing the 6.7-inch display of its predecessor.

    To provide a clearer comparison between the dimensions of the iPhone 16 Pro Max and its predecessor, here’s a simplified breakdown:

    iPhone 15 Pro Max: 76.7mm width, 159.9mm height, 8.25mm thickness (3.02 inches wide, 6.29 inches tall, 0.32 inches thick) iPhone 16 Pro Max: 77.5mm width, 163mm height, 8.26mm thickness (3.05 inches wide, 6.41 inches tall, 0.33 inches thick)

    Additionally, Ice Universe has claimed that the new iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature “the world’s closest smartphone to a borderless sci-fi form factor.” The reported bezel size is purportedly 1.153mm around all four borders of the phone. If this speculation holds true, the iPhone 16 Pro Max could potentially set a world record for its minimal bezel design.

    In summary, while the new iPhone model is slightly larger in size, it boasts smaller bezels. The anticipation surrounding its release extends beyond physical dimensions, with hopes for innovative features and capabilities that align with its futuristic design.