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Q2 Learning strategies are specific actions taken by the learner to make learning easier, faster, more enjoyable, more self-directed, more effective, and more transferrable to new situations. Write about the major types of learning strategies with suitable examples in real classroom context. (5+5=10 Marks)

Active Learning Strategies & Techniques
1. Reciprocal questioning: ​
Create an open dialogue in which students take on the role ofthe teacher and generate their own questions about a topic, reading section, or lesson.
2. Three step interviews:
​Encourage students to develop active listening skills by quizzingone another, sharing their thoughts, and taking notes.
3. The pause procedure:
​Intersperse strategic pauses into your class lectures to enhancestudents’ understanding of teaching materials.
4. The muddiest point: ​
Ask students to write notes on the most unclear or most confusingelement of a given homework assignment, lecture, or class discussion.
5. Devil’s advocate:
​Ask one or more students to take the opposing side of a predominantargument or point of view being discussed during a lesson.
6. Peer teaching activities: ​
Deploy a range of strategies that have students instruct skillsor explain concepts to classmates.
7. Game-based learning platforms: ​
Use specialized games to add depth anddifferentiation to the educational process, helping students to achieve their learningobjectives.
8. Rotating chair group discussions​: ​
Encourage students to actively listen to selectedspeakers who follow a pattern of guiding class discussion and summarizing previous points.