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    Pakistan is prepared to “fight to the end” over Kashmir, says PM Imran Khan

    Our PM imran Khan is our pride,not want war but if India wants to have war then we are ready for giving u another surprise, and this time no abhinandan will b handed over u alive, remembere it
    When your enemy dont understanding the international language then you have explain them in other language, language of battlfield. Get ready for the action!

    Y ur pm modi creat such situations? Now v have imran Khan not nawaz sharif… Imran Khan will be ten step forward both in peace or war.
    it’s all depend on modi govt policies.

    World must listen the voice of innocent people of Kashmir before it is too late to save the very existence from the Nazi-RSS-MODI

    We will fight Nazi party of modern Era, we cannot let world become victim of new Hitler, we are pacifists, we are Imran Khan followers, the Gandhi of 21st century.

    If issue remains unattended, could lead to a great disaster. It is moral obligation of big powers to feel the danger of crisis and not remain just silent spectators

    Pakistan are ready for a historic war and this war will effect the whole world.
    Its time for @UN to come and solve kashmir cause otherwise all of them know the result

    The world should know what is meant by #End over #Kashmir @ImranKhanPTI is the voice of #PakNation backed by #PakArmy and By the Grace of Almighty #ALLAH

    Now America should forget any peace in Afghanistan if they do not pressurize India to get out from occupied Kashmir. This situation will give birth to MUJAHIDEEN and solution is JIHAD.
    World resolve the issue of Kashmir between two nuclear country. Otherwis world ready for effects of nuclear War.

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