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Tax reforms is a step toward prosperous Pakistan

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    Broadening the tax base by eliminating preferential rates coupled with a lower headline rate for all resulted in considerable revenue increases over the subsequent years. #BePakistaniPayTaxes


    In advanced countries 35-50% of income is given back to govt in the form of taxes. And everyone pay taxes willingly or unwillingly. Why can’t people in Pakistan pay taxes as per their obligations. #BePakistaniPayTaxes

    Tax leakages impact not only the country but put extra pressure on our working class. Loopholes lead to borrowing! Avoid debts, pay tax! #BePakistaniPayTaxes

    Pakistan has one of the lowest tax-paying populations in the world with only 1 percent of the citizens filing their tax returns. .

    Paying tax is not punishment it is a source through which government finances its activities.

    After 70 years of existence, the country has less than two million income tax filers, one of the lowest tax-to-GDP ratios in the world, and a tax system which riddled with inequity and corruption. #BePakistaniPayTaxes

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