• Why?

    Because at first glance, this planet will not be visible.

    Not even a good telescope.

    Located 4.3 billion kilometers from Earth, this eighth planet in the solar system looks like a tiny white dot somewhere in the sky.

    That is why nearby planets such as Venus or Mars, which appear to us with their radiance, have puzzled our minds for centuries.

    In contrast, we became aware of the existence of Neptune only recently, in the 19th century.

    The discovery of this planet is important in two ways.

    Uranus and Neptune

    It wasn’t just that we found a new neighbor. Lucy Green, a space scientist at the University College London and a researcher at the Millard Science Laboratory, says: They were looking for something with the help of binoculars and it was discovered.

    Where did the algorithm come from in mathematics?
    Is the graph of human intelligence slowly coming down?

    Neptune was discovered through mathematics.

    In the 19th century, Newton’s law of gravity became so widely known that it was possible to determine the orbits of the planets in the solar system, except for Uranus, whose orbit is slightly different from that of other planets. It was vinegar.

    At the time, it was considered the farthest planet from the Sun, and according to some experts, Newton’s law may not have been as effective at that distance.

    But other experts, relying on mathematics, calculated that there must be something else in space that is changing the orbit of Uranus around the Sun.

    “They (mathematicians) started calculating where this thing is and how it is there,” says Lucy Green. And then when they turned their powerful telescope toward a mathematical spacecraft, they discovered this new planet.
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    Image caption Astronomers have discovered that the change in Uranus’ orbit was due to the presence of something else in its path.

    The discovery of Neptune has historically proved that mathematics is not a discovered science, but that mathematics has an existence of its own.

    And that thought raised many questions in the mind of Sergio Huarkia, a Peruvian listener to the BBC Crowd Science program.

    He writes, “From Galileo, who could tell the speed of a ball rolling down a slope, to Higgs’ field about the basic particle of physics, which was predicted by mathematicians, he discovered.” I am amazed at the ability to predict the existence of an object before it is known.

    “Is mathematics a model, a statement, a metaphor for reality, or a reality in its own right?”

    Sergio is not the only one to raise such questions. Philosophers have been considering this idea for thousands of years.

    And this question is causing many fundamental differences.
    This is not a negative cake

    It can now be said with certainty that man began to play mathematics because of his needs, such as counting or measuring objects. So let’s start here.

    And let’s take cake as an example.

    Mathematics can tell us everything about a cake. What is its length and width, what is its weight, how to divide it. This is all solid information.

    And the cake can show us that mathematics can tell us things that seemingly real knowledge can’t tell.

    If you eat one-third of the cake, the other two-thirds is left.

    Let’s face it, it makes sense. And if you eat a third, then there is nothing left.

    “We’re describing the mental environment of an ancient thing,” says Alex Bellos, author of the math book.

    They measured and counted through practical math. And there were no negative numbers for them.
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    Image caption The use of currency has made us aware of negative numbers

    If the only thing in your mind is that it can be counted or measured, then it will be very difficult for you to imagine that an object can be less than zero.
    Loans and negative numbers

    As soon as you eat the leftovers of the cake, it disappears. Therefore, the cake does not exist in the form of a negative number.

    But Beloz says it’s a field where you use negative numbers and it’s a natural and normal thing to do.

    Beloz gives the example of wealth: “You have money and you have to give money to someone.”

    “Previously, negative numbers were used in accounts and loans.”

    If you owe me five dollars and I give you five dollars, you have zero money.

    That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

    In today’s world it is impossible to think without negative numbers. And it’s not just about loans.

    So far we are talking about the truth.

    But when you start playing with negative numbers

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