• Doctors’ organizations in Pakistan have demanded the government to tighten lockdowns across the country in the wake of the Corona virus and keep people confined to their homes.

    Addressing a joint press conference in Karachi on Wednesday evening, the medical organizations also requested the President of Pakistan to reconsider the decision to allow Taraweeh and prayer gatherings in the month of Ramadan.

    Dr. Atif Hafeez Siddiqui, President, Pakistan Islamic Medical Association, said that the number of patients in Corona has increased by 3,000 in three days and there is no space for patients in the city’s hospitals like Indus, Ojha and Aga Khan Hospitals while the Expo Center The field hospital is also 80% full.

    Dr. Atif said that as fast as it is growing, we have to think, people have to support us without leaving their homes.

    “We think the business community is upset but can’t come back to life if there is health. We will work.”

    Dr. Abdul Bari, CEO of Center Indus Hospital for coronary infected patients in Karachi, said they were not in favor of closing mosques.

    He said that there should be adhan from mosques but only the organizers should offer prayers there and Taraweeh is Sunnah. The people are requested to pay their dues at home.
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    Dr Qaiser Sajjad, leader of the Pakistan Paramedical Association, said doctors across Pakistan were worried and many were still considering the disease a conspiracy.

    "There are cars on the streets, shops are open, we have gathered to show that there is no space in the hospitals. Health sector in Pakistan is very weak. The rulers could not control other diseases. How will they fight Corona?

    Dr. Qaiser said that the ulema have shown lack of seriousness and how will the SOPs set up to deal with Corona be implemented in the mosques?

    It will be too late until it is known that it was violated in such and such a mosque. Therefore, we want the government to look up and ask the scholars to withdraw their decisions.

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