• Code 19: How long does it take to recover from corona virus?
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    The outbreak of cod 19 spreads in late 2019. But there are signs that it may take some time for some patients to fully recover.

    When a patient recovers from corona depends on the severity of the disease. Some people recover quickly from the disease, but it is possible that some patients have long-term problems.

    Your age, sex and health determine how sick you may be with Code 19.

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    How long a person recovers depends on the circumstances under which he or she is being treated.
    How long will it take to recover if the symptoms appear less?

    Most people infected with Cod 19 show only central symptoms, such as cough and high fever. But they can also feel discomfort, fatigue, sore throat and headaches.

    The cough is initially dry, but later some people cough up mucus that contains dead lung cells.

    These symptoms are treated by resting in bed, using water or other beverages, and pain relieving medications such as paracetamol.

    People with mild symptoms recover more quickly.

    Their fever goes away in less than a week, but the cough may last for a while. With information from China, the World Health Organization says recovery could take up to two weeks.
    What if the symptoms were more pronounced?

    For some people, the disease becomes very dangerous and occurs seven to 10 days after infection.
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    This change can happen suddenly. Difficulty breathing and swelling in the lungs. This is because the body’s immune system is trying to fight the virus. It reacts excessively, which is also harming the body.

    Some people have to be hospitalized to get more oxygen.

    “It can take some time for a respiratory problem to heal, and in the meantime the body recovers from the swelling and other effects,” says General Physician Sarah Jarvis.

    She says it can take two to eight weeks to recover. Fatigue lasts longer.
    When does intensive care are needed?

    According to the World Health Organization, one out of 20 patients with the Corona virus requires the utmost care in treatment. This includes fainting and the use of ventilators.

    It takes some time to fully recover after being in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), no matter what illness you have. Patients are admitted to the general ward from the ICU before being sent home.

    Extensive care medicine expert Dr. Allison says it can take 12 to 18 months for full recovery after the ICU.

    Spending more time in a hospital bed can help you lose muscle weight. Patients become weak and it may take time for them to regain their health. Some people may need physiotherapy to get back on track.

    Spending time in the ICU can cause changes in the body and may also lead to psychological problems.

    “The disease carries with it an additional burden,” says Dr. Paul, a cardiologist at Cardiff and the Vail University Health Board. Fatigue due to the virus is an important aspect.

    There have been reports from China and Italy that the patient’s whole body becomes weak after healing, he has shortness of breath, coughs and has difficulty breathing. In addition, they get a lot of sleep.

    “We know that patients need a lot of time to recover, possibly a few months.”

    But it is difficult to allocate this period to everyone. Some people spend less time in intensive care while others have to be kept on a ventilator for several weeks.
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    Image caption In France, the Corona virus-infected person strives for full recovery
    Can Corona Virus Have Long-Term Effects?

    There is currently no long-term information regarding the Corona virus. But we can compare it to other diseases.

    Patients with lung damage due to immune system response may have ‘breathing difficulties’.

    According to physiotherapist Paul, the data show that people can experience physical and psychological problems up to five years later.

    General Physician Dr. James Gill says people also need help to improve their mental health.

    'You’re having trouble breathing. Then the doctor says, “We have to put you on a ventilator.” You have to sleep. Do you want to say goodbye to your family? ’

    PTSD (or trauma) is not uncommon in patients with this type of anxiety. For many, it had psychotic symptoms

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