• For those of you who think beauty is about mirrors, makeup, and the way many pudding packs you’ve got to sacrifice to suit into your skinny jeans, hear this:
    Beauty isn’t some vapid and superficial pursuit that exists solely to sell products, wag tongues, and produce drool. Beauty is really precisely perceived, purposeful, and rooted in hard science more than abstract and random opinion.
    From the time we started prancing round the world with our body-hair parkas and leafy lingerie, evolution has pushed us to become more beautiful. and that is why beauty is the inspiration for our feelings, our happiness, and our existence.
    In fact, beauty doesn’t reflect our vanity the maximum amount because it does our humanity.
    Why? to place it bluntly, beauty is health. That’s right. Traditional beauty—the outer kind serves as a proxy of how healthy you’re.
    It is the message you send to others about your health.
    Simply, beauty is a moment message to others that transmits youth, fertility, and health. That’s why beauty is a particularly important evolutionary cue.
    Not convinced?
    check out traditional images of ugly things pus, blood, gore. They nearly always correlate with something unhealthy.
    Now, that’s just talking about outer beauty. Inner beauty the idea of feeling good and being happy also has tremendous health implications in every aspect of your life.

  • Depression is the main way of all health problems, which is affected on our health, and show on our face in the form of uglyness.

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