Classified project has been started now Free of cost, Now you can post free ads on, please read following steps to post free classied ads.

Go to Cyberian Free Classified Click on Post Free Ad Button
0865d75b-7e96-4bde-8c4a-ad9c8275a870-image.png No need to login Just Click and go to ad post page
75d47882-76e3-44b9-8591-263162cd0c7d-image.png You will see a page to post a free ad.
7a27fcfe-621d-4fcc-ba9f-8a81e2fed421-image.png Click on Chose a Category Button
d7f6a550-ed14-44ac-9ebd-36735e097c16-image.png Select a Category
Choose One Personal Cars & Bikes Mobiles & Tablets Electronics & Appliances Real Estate Home & Lifestyle Jobs Services Entertainment Select a subcategory
2e1deb73-f159-4322-801d-43c2bbf2c3f8-image.png Choose Title for your advertise *
573bf67d-5dd0-49aa-b41f-870f5b395fb5-image.png Tell the Description of you ad*
ebe5a29f-b033-4766-9048-76a42e913e6d-image.png upload unto 10 pictures of ad for better response.
eba2fda8-944f-4104-a2c7-d86324c9cfbf-image.png Additional Info Like (Price, Mobile No, tags) If price is negotiable check this option. If you want to hind Mobile no check option.
fed55065-f999-47d9-9a2d-796ba7bfe081-image.png Select City (Just Type 2 or 3 Character and auto filling option provide selection)
636a7e41-120a-475e-8b68-a24c56981ced-image.png Type Address and hit enter.
0908bc8c-bb8a-4906-b293-db8f2c80d949-image.png Type Seller Information (Seller Name, Seller Email)

If you want more sale and top ads displayed you can choose right option.
15. Make your Ad Premium (Optional)

Free Ad (Your ad will go live after check by reviewer.)
Just Click Free Ad
a3c406be-e160-45ff-a785-a44dfd4c839b-image.png Premium (You can optionally select some upgrades to get the best results.)
a868fce1-76f0-4fee-8eee-1777a96b7ed3-image.png Featured ads attract higher-quality viewer and are displayed prominently in the Featured ads section home page. Package (₨10.00 for 10 days) Make your ad stand out and let viewer know that your advertise is time sensitive. Package (₨20.00 for 10 days) Make your ad highlighted with border in listing search result page. Easy to focus. Package ₨30.00 for 10 days
816ca27d-17cd-42c2-b309-4fb5c75b27c2-image.png Payment Method Choose your payment method for premium ads and hit confirm and Pay button.
05d8e0c6-acd2-462a-8839-6638b430c84e-image.png Message will appear We have received your offline payment request. We will wait to receive your payment to process your request. Hit Transaction button.


Choose Free ad posting Step 15
16. Choose your option and Hint Post Your Ad button.