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  • RE: STA631 Assignment 1 Solution and Discussion

    please post assignment

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  • RE: MTH603 Quiz 1 Solution and Discussion

    A system is inconsistent if it has no solution. In a system of two equations in two variables, the equations are dependent if one equation is a multiple of the other. Dependent systems have an infinite number of solutions – every point is a solution.

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  • RE: MTH603 Quiz 1 Solution and Discussion

    The primary use of iterative methods is for computing the solution to large, sparse systems and for finding a few eigenvalues of a large sparse matrix. Along with other problems, such systems occur in the numerical solution of partial differential equations.

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  • RE: MTH603 Quiz 1 Solution and Discussion

    the linear equation 2x-0y-2=0 has

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  • RE: MTH603 Quiz 1 Solution and Discussion

    Solution to the linear equation 2x + 0y = 0

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  • RE: MTH603 Quiz 1 Solution and Discussion

    while using relaxation method, which of th folowing is the

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  • RE: MTH603 Quiz 1 Solution and Discussion

    In numerical linear algebra, the Jacobi method (a.k.a. the Jacobi iteration method) is an iterative algorithm for determining the solutions of a strictly diagonally dominant system of linear equations. Each diagonal element is solved for, and an approximate value is plugged in.

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  • RE: MTH603 Quiz 1 Solution and Discussion

    0x + 0y = 2

    Anything times zero is zero.
    0x + 0y = 2

    Anything times zero is zero.
    0 + 0y = 2

    Combine like terms: 0 + 0 = 0
    0 = 2

    0 = 2

    Couldn’t find a variable to solve for.

    This equation is invalid, the left and right sides are not equal, therefore there is no solution.

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  • RE: MTH603 Quiz 1 Solution and Discussion

    A square matrix is said to be diagonally dominant if the magnitude of the diagonal element in a row is greater than or equal to the sum of the magnitudes of all the other non-diagonal elements in that row for each row of the matrix.

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  • How Sildenafil (Viagara) Side Effects – Viagara Tablet Price in Pakistan

    To treat issues with manly sexual function, use sildenafil( incompetence or erectile dysfunction- ED). Sildenafil helps a man achieve and maintain an construction by boosting blood inflow to the penis when used in confluence with sexual stimulation.

    numerous people suppose that sexually transmitted conditions, similar as HIV, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, and syphilis, are defended by this drug. But that’s not the verity.

    Anyhow in this blog post, we’d deeply see Sildenafil’s Side goods, some warnings, preventives, and relations with other drugs.

    In Pakistan, one tablet of Sildenafil costs almost 2000-2500 PKR.

    How to use Sildenafil Tablet?

    • To insure the correct use of sildenafil, you need to consider the following effects.

    • Read the Case Information Leaflet that your druggist will give you, before starting to take this drug.

    • Ask your croaker or druggist if you have any queries.

    • Take this drug by mouth as specified by your croaker
      , generally as demanded, to treat erectile dysfunction- ED.

    • previous to engaging in sexual exertion, take sildenafil at least 30 twinkles, but no further than 4 hours( 1 hour ahead is the most effective).

    • noway take further than formerly per day. A high- fat mess may decelerate down the time it takes for the drug to start working.

    • The lozenge is determined by your medical history and treatment response.

    • And for any fresh specifics you may be taking, inform your croaker
      and druggist of all the products you consume.

    Side goods of Sildenafil( Viagara)

    1. Dizziness, headache, flushing, or stomach upset

    Flushing, headache, migraine headache basics, understanding dizziness, and worried stomach are just a many of the possible symptoms that might arise. Changes in vision, similar as heightened perceptivity to light, blurred vision, or difficulty discerning blue and green tinges piecemeal, may also do.

    Inform your croaker
    or druggist right down if any of these side goods persist or worsen. Get up gently while rising from a sitting or laying posture to lessen the threat of feeling lightheaded and dizzy.

    Keep in mind that your croaker
    handed this tradition because they felt the benefit to you overbalanced the threat of adverse goods. numerous druggies of this drug report no significant negative goods.

    1. redundant strain on your heart

    Particularly if you have heart issues, sexual exertion may put fresh strain on your heart. If you have heart issues and have any of these significant side goods while having coitus.

    Stop incontinently and get medical attention, including extreme dizziness, fainting, casket/ jaw/ left arm discomfort, and nausea. bandy with a sexologist to talk in detail about your problem.

    1. dropped vision

    Infrequently, unanticipated vision loss in one or both eyes, including total blindness, can be( NAION). still, stop taking sildenafil and seek immediate medical attention, If this significant issue arises.

    still, high cholesterol, or certain other eye conditions, If you have diabetes.
    4. unforeseen drop or loss of hail

    Infrequently, there may be a unforeseen decline or loss of hail, occasionally accompanied by ringing in the cognizance andlightheadedness.However, stop taking sildenafil and seek medical attention straight formerly, If these side goods appear.

    still, cease using this drug incontinently and seek medical attention, differently serious issues could develop, If you ever witness an uncomfortable or protracted construction that lasts for four or further hours.

    1. Serious antipathetic response

    It’s uncommon for this drug to induce a veritably significant antipathetic response. still, seek immediate medical attention if you witness any signs of a severe antipathetic response, similar as a rash, itching, or swelling, particularly of the face, lingo, throat, or throat, or if you witness severe dizziness.

    The list of implicit negative goods isn’t total. communicate your croaker
    or druggist if you have any other side goods not covered over.

    preventives to take while taking Sildenafil

    Following preventives should be taken in order to insure the correct use of sildenafil. else it may causes serious goods.

    1. Tell your croaker
      about your disinclinations

    still, including to sildenafil, be sure to tell your croaker
    or druggist before taking it, If you have any disinclinations. This product’s inactive constituents may beget antipathetic responses or other problems. Speak to your druggist for fresh information.

    1. Consider your medical history before taking

    Tell your croaker
    or druggist about all of your medical history before taking this drug, especially of heart problems( similar as heart attacks or life- hanging irregular twinkle in the former six months), and casket pain/ angina stroke within the former six months.

    1. Liability of colorful problems

    It may beget dehumidification in grown-ups, order complaint, liver complaint, high or low blood pressure, dehumidification, and penis problems similar as angulation, fibrosis/ scarring, and factors that may raise the liability of priapism, including angulation, fibrosis/ scarring.

    Also, Peyronie’s complaint, a history of painful or protracted constructions( priapism), sickle cell anemia, leukemia, multiple myeloma, and optical issues( similar as retinitis pigmentosa, unforeseen dropped vision, NAION) can also be caused.

    1. Consume alcoholic potables in temperance

    You could get flightiness or vision issues from this drug. You may feel more lightheaded after consuming marijuana or cannabis than you would later drinking alcohol.

    Until you can do commodity safely, avoid using ministry, driving, or doing anything additional that requires alertness or sharp vision. Alcoholic potables should be consumed in temperance. Consult your croaker
    if you use marijuana( cannabis).

    Inform your croaker
    of all the products you use, including tradition, over-the-counter, and herbal drug, over-the-counter, and herbal remedies, before having surgery.

    1. Before breastfeeding, speak with your croaker

    Sildenafil should only be used during gestation if absolutely necessary. Don’t stop taking this drug until your croaker
    instructs you to do so because high blood pressure in the lungs is a serious condition that can jeopardize both a pregnant woman and her future child.

    Consult your croaker
    about the advantages and disadvantages of using sildenafil if you intend to come pregnant, are formerly pregnant, or suspect that you may be pregnant. Small quantities of this medicine are excreted in bone milk. Before breastfeeding, speak with your croaker


    The goods of your conventions may vary as a result of medicine relations, which may also make you more likely to witness dangerous side goods. All probable drug relations aren’t included in this document.
    Keep a note of everything you use and give it to your croaker
    and druggist. This includes tradition, over-the-counter, and herbal particulars. Without your croaker
    ’s blessing, noway start, stop, or change the lozenge of any specifics.
    Riociguat is a product that may interact with this drug. When combined with nitrates, sildenafil can significantly lower blood pressure. Blood pressure problems can beget dizziness, fainting, and, less constantly, heart attacks and strokes, as well as other symptoms.
    Sildenafil shouldn’t be taken with any of the following certain medicines used to treat casket pain/ angina( nitrates similar as nitroglycerin, isosorbide), recreational medicines called “ poppers ” containing amyl nitrate, amyl nitrite, or butyl nitrite.
    still, similar as doxazosin, or tamsulosin, If you’re also using an nascence blocker. To reduce your threat of low blood pressure, your croaker
    might start your drug with a lower cure of sildenafil.
    The elimination of sildenafil from your body might be impacted by other specifics, which may change how sildenafil functions. exemplifications include macrolide antibiotics, azole antifungals.
    Avoid using this medicine with any other erectile dysfunction capsules or products containing sildenafil. - pulmonary arterial hypertension or erectile dysfunction( similar as tadalafil, vardenafil).

    Final Notes
    A person who has taken an overdose and is flaunting serious symptoms including fainting or breathing difficulties, incontinently telephone a bane control hotline. So, we’d suggest you consult a croaker
    before taking this.

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