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Virtual University of Pakistan Seminar on Robotics CS Department

Department of Computer Sciences, Virtual University of Pakistan is arranging a seminar on “Robotics” to provide CS students the importance of Robotics, familiarize theoretical and practical aspects of Robotics.
■ Video Link (For campuses only)
■ Youtube Live Streaming Link

Who Can Attend?
• CS Students from various campuses • Computer Science faculty
Guest Speaker: Dr. Syed Atif Mehdi PhD Germany
Why should you come to our seminar? • You can learn basic understanding of Robotics concepts.
■ You can get knowledge of state of the art and its implications • You can get potential avenues of Research and Development
■ You can get a chance to ask questions
When is it?
Date: Thursday, January 12th Time: 11:30am Venue: 54- Lawrence Road, Virtual University of Pakistan, Lahore
Contact Dr. Nasir Naveed ([email protected]) 4236373047-49-Ext. 8616 Salman Bashi ([email protected]) 03244228223

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