His prophet hood is universal:

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the last Prophet means that his Prophet Hood is universal. He was the best example for the the world .His Prophet hood is sufficient for all humanity up to the end of this world. He is not the prophet of his age but he is the Prophet of every age.

 “In God’s messenger you have indeed a good example for everyone who looks forward with hope to God and the Last Day …”
 "Say: Obey Allah and obey the Messenger, … If you obey him, you shall be on the right guidance”

He is seal of prophet hood:

Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) is the last prophet of Allah Almighty, Quran is last truth book. The Holy Prophet is seal of Prophet Hood .Allah called the Holy Prophet is Khata-mun-nabyeen. No one Prophet will come after the Prophet (s.a.w).
 “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men,1 but is the Messenger of Allah and the seal of the prophets”
Deen is completed upon him:
As you know that the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) is the last divine Prophet of Allah .No one is comes after the Mustafa (s.a.w).
Deen is completed upon him. If we want to be a successful person in our both lives (In the world and at the Judgment day)we ought to obey the Holy Prophet(s.a.w)’s firmaans and AHADEES .Because of the deen –e- islam is the Deen of Allah and Mustafa (s.a.w).


It is known by necessity that the Deen of Islam is complete, as Allah, the Exalted, says:
 “This day, I have perfected your Deen for you, completed My Favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your Deen.” (Sarah Al-Ma’idah,) 5:3

A position of praise and glory will be granted to him on the Day of Resurrection:


 ON the day of resurrection a position of praise and glory will be granted to Mustafa (s.a.w).
 Allah creates the world just for the praise of Mustafa (s.a.w),
 On the day of Judgement HE will be the cause of intercession.

 “The banner of praise will be in my hand on the Day of Resurrection”,

 All of creation will praise Muhammad for that status on the Day of Judgment! … so that He will start to judge between His slaves, and no one will be granted this except Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

 “This is what the Beneficent (Allah) had promised, and the Messengers did speak the truth.”
 “And that the Hour (of Resurrection) is coming, there is no doubt therein; and that Allah will raise up those in the graves.” (Qur’an, 22:1-7