Assignment 2 CS403 file Solution Fall 2020
Question: In this technological era manually managing any system is a time-consuming task. A construction company named “Global Construction” wants to computerize their manual system, so that they can easily and efficiently manage their employees, clients, projects and finance. It will be beneficial for both clients and company. Company has different employees who work on different projects. Global Construction database system will store all the information in an organized manner by following the below business rules:
Client can visit the website, view completed projects details and client’s review/feedback about projects, places an order by filling the order form, give review/feedback.
Manager can assign projects to employees, view assigned projects. Manger can also view placed orders, can accept or cancel the order. He can also generate receipt; client will be able to view and download the receipt. Employees will be able to view assigned projects, he can also update status of the project as started, partially completed, or completed.
• Draw the ER diagram.
• Draw relationship cardinalities in alphabetical notation.