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Instead of waiting until you’re safely at your destination to let Uber know your driver was on the phone the whole time (or, alternatively, the most attentive listener with killer dinner suggestions), the ride-hailing app is letting you share your thoughts while you ride.

That’s right, giving tips, ratings, compliments, and other feedback is now a mid-ride event. Don’t worry, the driver won’t get the feedback until after you exit the vehicle. Otherwise, that would be awkward — kinda like how Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi revealed that his Uber rider score is a not-so-strong 4.73 last week. 

With this new feature, the app company hopes to encourage more useful feedback. Apparently, waiting until after you ride to comment makes for fewer robust thoughts. Who hasn’t been there? We quickly forget what made a ride great or uneventful (in a good way), and our tipping and compliments get lost in the process. Only the really horrific and offensive experiences are likely to stick with us and get reported back. 

Uber says it wants to better understand your ride experiences and to recognize top drivers, not just deal with the sub-par situations. As for the not-so-great trips, Uber wants to make improvements beyond just letting drivers know someone was unhappy. They said feedback about bad routes or overly complicated pickups could pinpoint technical problems within the app and platform.

The new in-app feature seems most helpful for Uber to get more telling info about its trips and drivers, but it doesn’t hurt to look up from your phone and give that compliment in person. Your driver is right there, no app necessary.

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