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    ZOO502 - Animal Physiology and Behavior
    Assignment No. 2 Marks: 10
    Fall 2019
    Due Date: 13-01-2020
    A. You are suggested to read the recommended review paper and make a brief summary (One Page) in your own words.
    o Read the entire article thoroughly and highlight or underline the major points.
    o Write down any significant facts or interesting details in your own words.
    o Do not simply “rephrase” exact statements by swapping a few words around. Instead, completely rewrite the information.
    o Summarize the main point of each section in a single sentence.
    o Then combine the main points of each section to prepare a nice summary of the article.
    o Cheating/copying from any source will result in “F” grade in the course.
    o The title of the summary should be in bold Times New Roman with font size 14.
    o The text of the summary should be in Time New Roman with font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing.
    o No assignment will be accepted after the due date.
    o If you have any question please contact: [email protected]
    “Respiratory System”

    Paper is easily accessible on this link.
    The paper is available in downloads section of the course website at LMS as well.
    Note: Students should read this article and prepare one page summary in MS word file and upload on your LMS well before deadline 13-01-2020.
    • This assignment will help you to develop a research papers reading habit and enable you to comprehend and analyze the scientific texts.

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