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    Course: EDU703: Organizational Behavior in Education
    Semester: Fall, 2019
    Assignment No: 2
    Total Marks: 20
    • Late assignments will not be accepted.
    • If the file is corrupt or problematic, it will be marked zero.
    • Plagiarism will never be tolerated. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses work done by someone else as if it was his or her own; however, taking the ideas from different sources and expressing them in your own words will be encouraged.
    • No assignment will be accepted via e-mail.
    • The solution file should be in Word document format; the font color should be preferably black and font size should be 12 Times New Roman.
    • Marks will be deducted for the incorrect format.
    Q1. What are the key parts of the communication process, and how do you distinguish formal and informal communication? (10)
    Q2. Define leadership. What is the difference between trait and behavioral theories? Discuss briefly. (10)

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