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    Course: BIF401- Bioinformatics – I Term: FALL 2019
    Instructor: Syed Hassan Abbas Assignment #2
    Assigned Date: 04-11-2019 Due Date: 15-01-2020
    Total Marks: 15

    Note: There is one question having several steps. You are supposed to do your assignment by yourself. Any kind of plagiarism will be marked straight zero.
    Question 1:
    1- Take a candidate human gene amino acid sequence, preferably whose structure is not yet predicted.
    2- Take the sequence of seven ortholog for same protein. (Like Mouse, rat, Chimpanzee etc.)
    3- Make a phylogenetic tree after doing MSA (Multiple Sequence Alignment).
    4- Predict the Secondary structure of the candidate gene amino acid sequence. (alpha helix, beta sheets, strands)
    5- Predict the tertiary structure of the sequence.

    1- (Ortholog are genes in different species that evolved from a common ancestral gene by speciation. Normally, ortholog retain the same function in the course of evolution).
    2- Use any of the tools available to you.

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